What Are The White Spots On Your Teeth?


Some people are have shame, and to smile because of the white spots on teeth. However, if this is the case, you should know that his appearance not only affects the aesthetics of the mouth, but your health too.

Indeed, if not treated in time, can cause pain and tooth loss. Do you want to know what the white spots on the teeth are and how to treat? Read on and finally put an end to them.

The causes of the formation of white spots on teeth

The white spots on teeth can mean two different things. The buildup of plaque and poor oral hygiene can lead to a weakening of tooth enamel.

Initially, it may affect only enamel, but if left untreated can have dental damage deeper layers. It is also the case of hypoplasia, which is generated during the formation of the teeth as a result of poor mineralization.

For sacond, stains may disappear only through the use of plates. In the first case, the white spots are synonymous with decay, which is necessary to maintain good dental hygiene.

However, it is very important to go to the dentist to determine the correct cause and get the best solution, which can range from placing veneers or micro-abrasion to a fluoride treatment.

treatment to remove white spots

In time prevention is the best solution of all. Visit your dentist regularly and have a good dental hygiene are essential when it comes to preventing appear.

Either way, once you have them, it is best to consult a specialist and follow some recommendations for the spots disappear as soon as possible (some may take up to a year to disappear).

Diet is also very important. Try to eliminate these beverages and foods with lots of sugar and phosphoric acid. Avoid as far as possible the consumption of rice, cheese or red meat and opt for foods rich in vitamin D, calcium and K2.

Brush your teeth after every meal and floss to clean the sides of the teeth. Similarly, you should know that saliva is necessary because it removes sugars, provides calcium and neutralizes plaque acids.

This is why it is so uncomfortable dry mouth, which is typical for smokers or diabetics. To moisten the mouth always keep a hand gum or candy.

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