WEN Lawsuit – Irreversible Hair Loss Damage

Everything you need to know about Hair Loss demand WEN:

Loss of litigation WEN hair refers to a series of lawsuits against brand WEN hair care. These lawsuits allege that certain products that lead to hair loss.

WEN and hair loss

Demand WEN it is related to the long-circulating rumor that certain products WEN lead to hair loss.

WEN is a brand of hair product created by Chaz Dean. One product in particular WEN Cleansing Conditioner is especially under fire.

According to some customers, cleaning products such as conditioner WEN have resulted in hair loss described by Snopes as “unusual and alarming.”

Some of these users claimed that continued to lose their hair, even after they stop using products Wen.

messages began appearing on Facebook and Twitter in February 2015. Many of these positions were distributed by beauty salons and stylists. Many of them refers to an August 2014 announcement of a class action lawsuit against WEN.

The problem of these messages is listed so that convince people that were happening in real time. In fact, the news was more than a year old.

Today, the original claim WEN hair loss is almost 2 years. However, a new trial involving 200 women was launched in November 2015 -. Which means that the case against WEN is still very active

What is the demand for WEN hair loss?

The original lawsuit WEN hair loss is a lawsuit brought against the manufacturer of hair care products Guthy-Renker LLC.

That lawsuit was filed in a California court on 31 July 2014 and alleges that the hair products WEN Cleansing Conditioner led to hair loss. This hair loss is accused of having continued even after users stopped using the product.

The plaintiff in this case was Amy Friedman, a Florida woman who bought the basic cleaning kit WEN Conditioner Sweet Almond Mint on January 29, 2014 for $ 29.95 after seeing ads for the product .

Two weeks after Amy started using the product, which began to lose “substantial and abnormal amounts of hair,” she claims the class action.

Friedman stopped suing the product, although hair loss “continued for about three weeks.”

Before hair loss stopped, Amy says she had lost a quarter to a third of the hair of the head.

Update case in March 2015

In March 2015 a demand WEN hair loss separately began to emerge. In March, Dallas lawyer named Amy Davis announced who was representing six women who were all sue and Chaz Dean Wen on hair loss allegedly caused by WEN products.

One of the plaintiffs in this case, Cindy Peterson said she experienced a rapid loss of hair after using products WEN, but because her hair was so thick, did not notice the loss immediately. After using the products for hair care in October 2014, Cindy says that the hair has not yet grown back. She finally lost a third of his hair.

Some of the other five women in this case say they experienced bald spots after using the conditioner cleaning.

said Dallas attorney in this case,

“They feel people are looking at them, wondering what caused your hair loss. So women they used to enjoy time with family and friends outside the home in social settings … have become the home of wheels. “

Upgrading the case in November 2015

Great news WEN broke in November 2015 , when 200 women across the United States joined a class action lawsuit against the company, alleging that WEN products for hair care led to serious injury or even irreversible.

The plaintiffs live in 40 different states. That most of these statements in WEN make other demands: after using products for hair care WEN, the applicants realized that pieces of her hair to fall out. There are numerous reports plaque and some reports of skin damage.

In some applicants, the hair has not grown back, leading some to assume that the hair will not grow back.

Who does WEN?

WEN line was a highly successful brand for Guthy-Renker. The Daily Beast reports that the company made $ 100 million in just its second year of product sales WEN -., Due largely to the advertising campaign successful TV

WEN is endorsed and allegedly created by celebrity stylist Chaz Dean, famous for his philosophy and style of comprehensive organic life.

she says Dean started as a hairdresser in Los Angeles and began creating the formula WEN mixing the ingredients together in the sink. Before the advent of Grammy Alanis Morissette in 1999, he cemented his status Chaz celebrity stylist by applying clean sweet almond mint Hair conditioner Alanis.

Dean has also appeared on programs such as when pulling out and Celebrity Apprentice.

Is there any evidence behind these cases?

In the first class action lawsuit, according to reports, lawyers are to perform chemical tests on WEN products to determine the ingredient profile leading to hair loss.

was never announced publicly track, explaining that evidence.

At the same time, demands never specifically mentioned tracking an ingredient that makes WEN more dangerous, more caustic or more toxic than others shampoos.

Amy Davis, the Dallas lawyer mentioned above, however, believes the connection is related to the fact that cleaning conditioner actually contains very little cleaner. She says it’s like using “lotion” to wash your hair, so instead of removing the product, rinse the product simply causes it to become “impacted on the hair follicle.”

Often women lose hair for a variety of natural reasons -. As aging, hormonal changes, or physical damage

Until WEN WEN demands can definitely link or its components to hair loss, it may be difficult for plaintiffs to win compensation WEN.

Wen conditioner cleaner, incidentally, is largely the same as other cleaning conditioners. First four ingredients listed are water, glycerin, cetyl alcohol, and cetearyl alcohol.

The only major difference between the air cleaner and other products is that it contains sulfates.

In any case, Guthy-Renker has categorically denied that its products are in no way defective or responsible for hair loss.

The lawsuit WEN hair loss is currently underway and will go through some major changes in the coming months. Stay tuned to keep up with everything you need to know about demand WEN hair loss.

Hopefully in due time we will see if there is a real ingredient in products WEN is causing hair loss, or if these women are trying to find a payment.

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