WEN By Chaz Dean Issued FDA Safety Alert For Hair Loss Side Effects

Wen hair conditioner is a product for hair care made by Chaz Dean. The US FDA recently issued a warning on hair Wen conditioner after receiving 127 complaints about the product.

What is Wen hair conditioner?

Wen Cleansing Conditioners is a line of products for hair care made by Chaz Dean. The supplement makes the most of the same claims as other hair conditioners :. It claims to moisturize, strengthen and protect hair

Unfortunately for consumers, Wen by Chaz Dean not seem to work as advertised in all patients. That led to a series of legal problems for the company, which led to the FDA recently issued a warning about products.

Wen hair conditioner Shampoo and legal problems

Wen has faced legal problems over complaints that your conditioner leads to hair loss, hair breakage, hair loss, itching, rash, and other problems.

Last year, the mediation was initiated by class action in California against , the company that markets Guthy-Renker and manufactures Wen.

Then, on July 7, 2016, the FDA issued a warning stating that it had received 127 complaints from consumers through the Latin “ hair loss, hair breakage, baldness, itching and rash “after people hair conditioner used to Wen. That’s reports that the FDA has never received a cosmetic product for hair.

In an interview with NPR , a dermatologist from California said that these problems are very rare

“This type of report is very rare for the most. part shampoo products out there are all very safe. “

notification from the FDA simply notified the public that it had received reports. The FDA says it has not yet determined what air drivers for these problems.

The FDA goes on to explain being investigated more than 21,000 complaints against Chaz Dean and Guthy-Renker Inc., although Chaz Dean says that did not receive the number of complaints.

What is causing the problems conditioner?

The reason for shampoo and conditioner complaints are rare it is because the shampoos and conditions typically contain safe chemicals and non-irritating.

When shampoos and conditioners do contain irritants or allergens, which normally affects only a small number of the population. The most common allergens and irritants are surfactants (things in shampoo and conditioner that give foam), preservatives (which increase the shelf life) and fragrances (to help them pleasant smell).

is not clear what compound Wen hair conditioner that is causing hair loss, but not all people believe it is the conditioner at all.


Wen is “unlikely” that cause hair loss problems, according to a dermatologist

The same dermatologist mentioned above, Paradi Mirmirani, says many scalp problems have nothing to do with cosmetics. Patients may be experiencing hair loss for all sorts of different reasons – including male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. Some people also suffer from alopecia areata, a condition in which their immune system attacks hair follicles.

Stress, diet changes, pregnancy and disease can also cause hair loss and other problems of hair quality.

For all these reasons, Mirmirani believes it is unlikely that consumer complaints are related to Wen conditioner.

Another dermatologist who works as a consultant Chaz Dean says that there is often a “herd effect” with requests like this: if a person reads about a product that irritate the scalp of a person, and start feel a tingling sensation, then they can think “Me too.”

What are the products affected by the report?

The FDA does not know what is causing complaints or hair loss. However, they still have to report when they have received complaints about a specific product.

Specific products mentioned in the FDA warning include all of the following characteristics:

  • Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner: 5,689 complaints
  • Lavender cleansing Conditioner: 2537 complaints
  • Granada cleaning Conditioner: 1542 complaints

There are a variety of air conditioners cleaning in the product line Chaz Dean, despite the variety of sweet almond mint to most complaints (66% of complaints reported by the FDA) faces.

Chaz Dean, meanwhile, continues to maintain that their products are safe. In a statement, the company claimed that have consistently cooperated with the FDA and “will continue to do so” in the future. Meanwhile, Chaz Dean family “is deeply concerned about the health of the hair of all.” They are encouraging those who suffer from hair problems to seek medical assistance -. Including tests of common allergens

We’ll keep you informed about Wen hair conditioner as these complaints progress.

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