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It seems that every year two or three serious flu outbreaks occur. Whether when the weather is cold or children return to school, there are a few weeks each year, where sneezing and coughing can be heard everywhere.

There are several ways to avoid getting sick from the flu shot to avoid people. However, there are many products on the market that offer a way to prevent the disease, while stimulating the immune system in general in the body. And even less of these products are all-natural and scientifically proven.

Wellmune is a natural immune stimulant that has been clinically proven that enhance the body’s immune system , so it can fight the disease itself.

What is Wellmune?

In technical terms, Wellmune is a yeast beta glucan from the cell wall of yeast strain specific. While this sounds a bit confusing and vile, in simpler terms Wellmune ingredient is a natural immune stimulation. Wellmune works to support and enhance the body’s natural immunity. Not only keep users from getting sick, but also provides more energy and vitality when taken regularly and reduce stress and aid in weight loss.

Wellmune is an ingredient, which means it must be mixed with other foods. Fortunately, there are already hundreds of products Wellmune addition to its list of ingredients. These foods can be purchased in more than 50 countries around the world.

Why use Wellmune?

The immune system is a fragile but vital part of the body. Having a strong immune system is very important for people living adequate, satisfying lives. In recent years, the idea of ​​strengthening immunity before an organ becomes ill has become popular. People do not want to treat a disease, never want to get. This was the starting point for Wellmune.

Wellmune be used by those who want a proven clinically natural immune stimulant . Unlike other products on the market, Wellmune contains no artificial stimulants. Furthermore, Wellmune can be taken daily, when most other immune reinforcements should only be used for short periods of time.

Wellmune is perfect for those with busy hectic lifestyles, who want to be running at their best always.

How Wellmune works

As mentioned above, Wellmune is a natural yeast beta glucan. These cells have been found to trigger the human immune defenses, strengthening and strengthen the body.

When taking Wellmune, these cells are released into the stomach, which are dispersed throughout the body. While Wellmune is moving through the organs in the body, it breaks into smaller pieces and is released for a number of days. These smaller pieces are joined to an immune cell called neutrophils. Because neutrophils is a very important part of immune cells such (40-60%), allowing Wellmune spread efficiently.

By spreading throughout the immune system, Wellmune is able to strengthen key functions, all without overloading the system.

Wellmune and Clinical Research

While many products may claim that can strengthen the immune system, Wellmune is one of the only ingredients that have multiple clinical studies supporting their skills. Since 2008, there have been 19 independent publications published on the benefits of Wellmune. These research papers were published in the peer-reviewed medical journals or, in some cases, presented in scientific forums science.

A list of these reviews can be found in the Wellmune website.

Benefits of Wellmune

While the overall benefit of Wellmune is quite easy to understand, makes the immune system stronger, there are some benefits that are more specific. Below is a list of these amazing benefits shown and how they help specific users.

Children and Families

When children are small, their immune systems are still forming. Usually, it takes several years of exposure to germs and diseases for the child to develop an acquired immunity. This could mean that have years of colds and flus several times a year. And vitamins and regular supplements do not help strengthen the immune system.

The immune system of growing children makes it even more important to help maintain and grow their immune systems, while they are still young. Because the immune system of a child acquires determines how it will develop in adulthood, having a healthy is extremely important.

Adding an immune support to the diet of young children is even more important as the fact that there has been a sharp increase in allergies and inflammatory disease found in young children. Having a strong immune system, even while it is growing, it can help prevent occurrences of these issues.

Stress Management

Research has found that stress has increased exponentially over the last 25 years, leaving more and more young adults with unhealthy levels of stress. While some stress is not a problem for the body, prolonged stress can take him down.

Stress has been found to inhibit the immune system, which can lead to people getting sicker and contracting age-related diseases when they are older. They found several clinical studies to reduce the effects of stress on the body and mind. The studies found that those in jobs of high stress, such as firefighters, enjoyed better physical health when used Wellmune.

Wellmune has also been found to help clear the mind, another problem arises when people are stressed. The natural immune ingredient also reduces fatigue and tiredness, giving users the clarity and energy they need to get through such a hectic life.

Sports Nutrition

Sports effects on the health of their players has become a hot topic lately. However, professional athletes are not the only ones who need to be concerned about your health. Whether going to a gym or marathon runner, anyone who is actively athletic needs to take special care of your health.

Wellmune has been clinically proven to help athletes stay healthy before and after high intensity workouts or games. The ingredient has been found to allow athletes to train longer and harder, because they are healthy after intense exercise. Wellmune also reduces the risk of immune suppression that normally occurs during intense workouts.

Finally, as mentioned above, Wellmune works well to reduce stress, not only in the mind but the body as well. When the immune system is working at peak, it allows the body to train hard and stay strong.

healthy aging

The idea of ​​aging can be frightening, especially when you consider the number of illnesses seem to plague age. It is a proven fact that the immune system weakens as you age, a process known as Immunosenescence. Wellmune has been found in clinical studies to boost the immune system in the elderly.

Wellmune not only keep those who are aging healthier, but also help the immune system respond faster when the body starts to get sick. And because Wellmune is a natural ingredient, it is perfect safe to use for anyone looking to age healthily.

Using Wellmune

Wellmune can be found in several products already on the market. However, if consumers want to use and mix Wellmune themselves, they can contact Wellmune through a contact form on their website.

Wellmune is presented as a soluble and dispersible. The soluble version of Wellmune is broken completely, even in the clear, fresh water. You can be added to juices, smoothies, or teas. The dispersible version is better when not needed completely solubility, such as cereals or sprinkled over baked food.

For questions and more information, Wellmune can be reached at:

US Toll Free: 877-699-5100
Phone: 651-675-0300

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