Weight Loss Agents Review – The Gastric Sleeve Surgery Risk?


weight loss is a web site that promotes sleeve surgery and gastric band back in Mexico to Americans. Here is our opinion Agents weight loss.

Agents What is weight loss?

Agents weight loss, found in WeightLossAgents.com, is a website created by the Medical Tourism Agency, LLC.

The website promotes three main types of surgical treatments for weight loss, including:

sleeve surgery -Gastric: $ 3499

-Lap Band Surgery: $ 3749

Surgery plication -Gastric: $ 4499

The website advertises “special prices” in all these treatments.

Basically register to receive several surgeries to lose weight through agents for weight loss, and then the search for the lowest prices for these treatments agents for weight loss around your area.

You can register through the easy online form to WeightLossAgents.com or call the company directly at 1-855-753-3833.

After processing your request, weight loss agents connect with physicians in the United States or Mexico who are able to provide treatment.

How weight loss surgery work?

weight-loss-agent-complete-reviews Agents weight loss not only connect you with the doctors who are able to provide treatment. The company will develop a set of complete weight loss covering all costs surrounding their upcoming surgery, including:

“Land transport (without airfare), blood, cardiologist, anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses, medicines, hospital, ECG, tests, imaging, recovery room, nutrition plan, and “

All these prices are included in the packages with” surprises “.

What is a gastric sleeve?

gastric sleeve surgeries that its physically smaller stomach, which can reduce food cravings and help you lose weight.

The process behind this technology is simple: when you have a smaller stomach, you feel full faster than you normally would. Instead of making major changes in your diet or lifestyle, you are encouraged subtly to eat less food at each meal, which will ultimately help you lose weight.

In surgery, the doctor will make a large incision in the abdomen (or, in some surgeries, several smaller incisions will be made).

Then, using small instruments and a camera, the doctor will remove more than half of your stomach and leave a thin vertical sleeve or tube (about the size of a banana) behind.

Your new stomach is stitched together with surgical staples, and doctors completely remove half of his stomach from his body.

Because half of his stomach has been physically removed, this procedure is not reversible.

If you choose not to undergo this type of procedure can opt for a simpler alternative to lose weight, such as extract forskolin .

How does weight loss agents connect you to a clinic?

Whether you call Agents weight loss or fill the online form, the ordering process is the same. You will be contacted by phone by a “surgical coordinator knowledgeable.”

As stated by a user in Pal explained bariatric , these individuals are “adolescents” in “place full of computers.” That is problematic because when called to weight loss agents, answer the phone by saying, “Hi, doctors office, this is ____ talking.”

In other words, the company intends to be a real medical clinic when it seems nothing more than a call center.

However, these call center employees are trained to help answer your questions about your surgery. They can schedule surgeries, provide consultation, and advise on bariatric and cosmetic procedures.

If you are interested in booking through agents surgery for weight loss, then you program coordinator with someone who specializes in bariatric surgery. In many cases, this “someone” is a guy named Dr. Almanza who runs the Royal Hotel Del Rio in Mexico. Is an interesting character in an interesting clinical work, we will learn about the next section.

Who is Dr. Almanza?

Dr. Mario Almanza is a Mexican doctor who provides bariatric surgery his clinic in Tijuana, Mexico.

In July 2015, Dr. Almanza was accused of having harmed “dozens” of patients during treatment. Last year, the news was ahead of San Diego woman who visited the clinic of Dr. Almanza for surgery, only to end up in a coma. She traveled to Tijuana for bariatric surgery in March 2015 and “has never awakened,” according to a 10News.com report .

The clinic reported that the patient had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic and stopped breathing.

After this case came to the media, “dozens of other” were announced.

However, MarioAlmanza.com website continues to announce that Dr. Mario Almanza is “the surgeon gastric sleeve leader in the world and has performed gastric sleeve procedures rather than any other surgeon in the world. “

Meanwhile, reviews in RealSelf.com are largely positive Dr. Almanza.

In any case, it seems that Dr. Almanza has treated thousands of patients over the years and seems to have treated more patients than any other gastric surgeon in the world today. However, it seems that there are some security issues related to the clinic.

Dr. Almanza announces the following prices for their surgeries:

-Gastric Sleeve: $ 4499

Revision -Lap Band Sleeve: $ 4999

-Gastric sleeve plication: $ 4499

-Lap Band: $ 3749

If you plan to register for gastric surgery through agents for weight loss, then most likely it is end up visiting the practice of Dr. Mario Almanza in Tijuana, Mexico.

What are the risks of surgery?

Agents weight loss has a full page dedicated to explain the risks of different weight loss surgeries. These risks include “serious complications … up to and including death.”

Other risks include:

-Serious or life-threatening complications

injured tissues and organs

: Bleeding


-Internal scars

-Postoperative complications

About Weight loss agents

WeightLossAgents.com is owned by a company called Medical Tourism Agency, LLC .

official statements website Company that “we do high quality and expensive procedures to obtain.”

The company also claims to comply with the three P surgery, including price, medical and proximity.

Medical Tourism Agency, LLC can be reached at 800-987-6340 or by email at [email protected]

In addition to operating WeightLossAgents.com, the company operates a number of other websites related to surgery, including Spines.com, Lungs.com, Knees.com, and MommyMakeovers.com, all of which connect to surgery patients across America.

Ultimately, to get a gastric sleeve can sometimes be difficult. Many doctors across the United States refuse to perform the procedure because of the risk of serious complications. Agents weight loss is committed to connecting with reliable physicians throughout the United States and Mexico (one of the most popular destinations in the world for bariatric surgery) to obtain the gastric sleeve you need to lose weight.

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