Wedding Wednesday: 5 New Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your Big Day

Today I will share my third post I put together as wedding guest Editor May Brit + Co . Then I share a few traditions of unconventional wedding that will make your wedding day a celebration to remember …

5 New Wedding Traditions That Will Make Your Big Day

Should not every Wednesday May I been doing team Brit + Co to get my own view on all things wedding related. To bring speed, so far I’ve covered bridal beauty tips and 5 Ways to perfect your pre-wedding parties . After writing about my own wedding in my new book Celebrate , I have been able to pull my own experiences and share what I’ve learned along the way with all my readers. Today I’m sharing my third installment on a subject that we all know and love: wedding traditions. Something borrowed something blue and everything else, there are certain traditions that everyone assumes that you have included in their own special day. I am here to say that there is always room for (good taste) break the rules.

As newlyweds myself, I encourage all brides-to-be following your heart when it comes to planning your big day. If that takes you to set a wedding tradition or two for you and your partner suits better, go for it! Here are two of the five new wedding traditions that have put together for Brit + Co-sure to review the entire post here to see the rest!

1. Have a friend officiate.

While a church officer or other authority figure traditionally held weddings, many couples today are choosing to have a friend or family member marry them. Speaking from experience (William and I were married by a close friend), wedding day she felt much more intimate with someone who knew officiating our votes. Think of it as a way to honor one of their loved ones or include someone special on their big day.

2. Serve your favorite dessert.

The choice of a cake wedding is such an important part of your special day such as finally selecting her wedding dress. However, having a multi-level cake is not for everyone, especially if you have another favorite dessert. For my own wedding I have chosen to serve our customers pies Apple handmade and freshly baked by my closest and I. friends a personal touch is added and even the traditional dessert in question element is preserved. If you are not too interested in having a wedding cake, I recommend creating your own dessert bar or serving one of his favorite sweets.

To read the rest of my new suggestions wedding tradition, be sure to head on over to Brit + Co !

Are you incorporating new wedding traditions in their own big day?

I would like to know about your big day in the comments!

Control next week for my fourth and final tranche Wednesday marriage !

XO Lauren

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