Wedding Bells: 5 Rules of Wedding Toast Etiquette

Read these 5 important rules to keep in mind for your wedding toast

Imagine this: You are a guest at a wedding and have asked weeks advance to toast the happy couple. The special day is underway: The votes have been said, the groom kissed the bride, and it’s time to put on your dancing shoes and head to the reception! But before the band queues, it is not toasting to do and sparkling, celebratory cocktails for drinks. If you have attended a wedding before, you’re probably familiar with this order of events leading up to the wedding speeches. But … did you know that there are some very important rules when it comes to wedding applause and toast? Well, today with the help of our friends IZZE , our favorite brand of sparkling juice, we are breaking five important rules toast wedding etiquette.

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Thanks to the fresh flavors, fruit of IZZE sparkling juice, we made our own cocktails celebration to help this post back to life! LC team dressed bridesmaids paper crown dressed for the day, sat around a beautiful table style by our favorite prop stylist, Kate Martindale , and it provided by friendship and fun memories. The best part, however, was that each of us the opportunity to try some of IZZE ‘s flavors of sparkling juices, including sparkling peach sparkling apple sparkling grapefruit, sparkling clementine and mint raspberry (just to name a few). Each of us chose our favorite, cocktail mixes, and share our bit in what we have learned about the wedding toast label in our years as wedding guests. We would like to share with you some of the interesting facts we have learned and have included some photos for inspiration, too.

Therefore, read on to learn our five rules of etiquette wedding toast and to find out what we put into our delicious IZZE sparkling juice cocktails!

Before you toast, read these tips

1. Raise Your Glass.

If champagne glasses are on the table when it comes to a wedding reception, you can expect that there will be a round of toast to start the reception. And even if you’re not drinking that night, it is appropriate label wedding to lift the cup (albeit only one sparkling juice mocktail) to the newly married couple at the end of each toast. We recommend putting a delicious twist on the traditional wedding drink mixing a simple and refreshing cocktail using IZZE sparkling juice and spirit of choice. This drink two ingredients is easy to do and is ideal for any event leading to the wedding bridal showers too, bachelorette parties, whatever! The only hard part is choosing a flavor … (Our favorite came to the sparkling apple and frothy peach ).

Wedding Toast Tip: Practice Makes Perfect

2. errors.

As with any speech, rather than rehearse and prepare for your wedding toast, the more smoothly when the stop. If you know you will be talking at the wedding of a friend or family member, start planning your voice weeks in advance. Write it down and practice it while you’re looking in the mirror for any kinks and get comfortable with the words spoken in today. Also, do not put pressure on yourself to have the perfect amount of humor or emotion in his speech. Of course, speeches with anecdotes in-the-moment get great response from the crowd, but often those little one-liners delivered better after they have been practiced dozens of times. If you feel that is forcing funny moments in his speech, stop trying so hard and just write from the heart.

Read Team LC's tips for wedding toasts

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3. Short is sweet.

is always a good idea to limit your wedding toast in three minutes or less. Of course you will have to share their favorite memories and tell the happy couple how much you love them, but a speech delay time passes too spent time drinking delicious cocktails and hit the dance floor … What is the best part of a wedding! It is also nice to get a little choked up during his speech-ordinator may carry out, touching emotional moments. Just try to keep your composure, get to the end, and keep it short and sweet.

Classic tips on the traditional wedding toast

4. Know toasting traditional order.

Let’s break it down for you: Traditionally, the best man gives the first toast, followed by the maid of honor. Then, usually the host of the event (usually the father or mother of the bride) will rise to give. Then toast the groom’s parents can follow. Of course, these traditions are not written in stone, and the fun of weddings today is that the couple are write new rules ! However, knowing this order can be a good guide if you are trying to determine who will provide next. Also, if you are a guest who would like to stand up and say something, it is best to let the couple know several weeks in advance so they can work in order toast. It’s usually not a good idea to stand up and say something at the wedding reception without notice. However, if the reception is small and causal and realized that other people are standing up and doing impromptu toast, you will know if you feel appropriate to do the same. In general, know when to speak matters much less to know what to say. So if is going to talk, to be honest.

Team LC's tips for the perfect wedding toast

5. It is a toast, not a roast.

While many guests attending a wedding probably have a full of fun and embarrassing in its memory files stories boat, the wedding reception is not the time or place to Overshare . Avoid talking about any past problems the couple has had or inappropriate memories that could embarrass the newlyweds in front of their loved ones. Jokes and stories are great, and can make a wonderful response from the crowd, but just know what to say during the event, and what to expect during a less formal gathering smaller.

Tips for toasting at a wedding

And there you have it! LC team took our knowledge of all the weddings we’ve attended together and came up with these five rules while taking those delicious Izze cocktails. One of the best parts of the evening of our girls was seeing Kate Martindale Tablescape ombre come to life (more on this in a blog later!), And it was amazing how well our drinks Izze fit table color scheme. While we loved making our juices Izze in cocktails IZZE is simply delicious alone or as a cocktail. In addition, IZZE makes its sparkling juice with 70 percent fruit juice and come in eight refreshing flavors. The options are truly endless!

How to pull off the perfect wedding toast

What flavor IZZE brighten up your celebration next refresh?

hope you have learned something new in this post, and be sure to share its rules of wedding etiquette in the comments below we’d love to read. Another big thanks to our friends IZZE and Kate Martindale to make this beautiful and delicious post!



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