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What is usually a CMS?

CMS or content management system is really a system used by many industry enabling a more systematic strategy for managing a work flow, one of the most used CMS could be the CMS or WCMS web form. The difference in using your company WCMS CMS would be that the system is specifically used to allow non-technical users to make changes to your website with small learning programming languages ​​or markup languages.

WCMS software is often implemented to be a web application for creating and managing HTML content. He is familiar with the management and control of an important and dynamic number of web material from images to text content. According to professional web design Philippines, its main use is that it facilitates writing web content, content control, editing, and essential Web maintenance functions. The software provides authorization functions (along with others) tools designed allowing users with little knowledge of programming languages ​​or markup languages ​​to create and manage happy with relative ease. But you may need to build a highly qualified and add functions encoder.

Brief History of WCMS

WCMS software was first introduced as commercial software products in the mid-1990s, giving the same form of services and capabilities yet known nowadays. However, according to SEO Philippines consultants, who had been in the middle of a lot of 2000 that emerged several vendors to complement the original vendors, offering a broader variety WCMS software. These web cms can be categorized as: software being a service, enterprise, midmarket, or open source

Using SEO

SEO focuses on changes in a website .. These changes are made to give place to the website is more search engines online. Changes within a website usually involve images, texts and a lot of codes used by the website as well as the design of your website. After planning alterations, a consultant will have to talk to your web, a designer or a developer for the changes. Although some may gladly make these changes, some may have difficulty asking a developer for the changes. This is where WCMS softwares removed by SEO consultants.

WCMS softwares became a good choice for web designers and programmers, because of the use of produce and manage happy with relative ease. Through these programs, they can also make several changes within the site without much stress. But what made it popular for SEO consultants is because it should not bother a programmer designer web sites to generate changes on the website for SEO purposes. With the help of WCMS softwares, SEO consultants could easily make several changes within the site.

Although most WCMS could be used for SEO purposes, there are several software that is built for SEO purposes. A well-known example is the use of Joomla! and in particular JoomSEF plugin.

Example WCMS for SEO

Joomla! it is just of the many popular WCMS used by webmasters today. One of the popular bases of popularity inside the market is due to the custom features. As in Mozilla Firefox where users can expand its functionality, Joomla! It is also known thanks to modular extensions and integrations. Joomla! calls this as “plugins”. A popular plug-in used by SEO consultants could be the JoomSEF plugin.

ARTIO JoomSEF is usually a SEO component for Joomla! Content management system that rewrites URL for Search Engine Friendly (SEF) and easily human understanding. It works with multilingual sites by integrating JoomFish component support. According to SEO Philippines consultants, which enables users full customization of wide range of meta tags for virtually any URL of the website and in concert with the Apache HTTP Server and IIS. Part of extensions include :.

Rewriting URL being search engine friendlier line

Provides lots of meta tags editable

Provides URL fully customizable and 404 pages [

assistance in managing the 301.


Apart from Joomla! and JoomSEF, MODx is a popular WCMS made by using many SEO consultants. Part of what made this popular WCMS is full charge of all metadata and URL structure for purposes of search engine optimization (SEO).

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