WE FOUND THE ANSWER! Is It Better To Drink Water From The Tap Or Bottled Water?


Every day buy bottled water think about what to do. Bottled water is everywhere, in offices, airplanes, stores, restaurants and homes around the country. But you have to buy it or is it better not to drink tap water?

Environmental Working Group research has shown that the ingredients of bottled water are not so different from tap water. The research also found that bottled water contains the same unhealthy ingredients like tap water.

The water introduced into the bottle is of high quality. The problem is packaging. Unfortunately, the increasing use of water in PET bottles create unnecessary waste and consume large amounts of energy.

becomes a great burden on the environment. Pacific Institute estimates that for every liter of wastewater 3 liters of water consumed in its production sold.

Water bottles is associated with a healthy lifestyle, but has not been shown that healthy water bottle tap water (if valid).

As one of the main problems when it comes to the quality of bottled water, experts say the validity of the plastic containers in which the water is packaged. Since water is stored in them period often longer, often at high temperatures (in the factory warehouse, during transport, store back in a warehouse, in our homes), it is considered that the water is exposed to certain chemicals and microorganisms that have little or none at all in the public water supply. These chemicals can often have a very negative impact on human health.

The transport of the bottles and keep them cold also burns fossil fuels that emit greenhouse gases. And groundwater pumping by bottled water companies is based primarily on underground aquifers and harms watershed.

It is often argued that reusable PET plastic bottles can also be harmful to human health. The quality of drinking water in bottles depends on the quality of its resources, technology and filling disinfection, quality equipment for bottles of water treatment and distribution system.

Bottled water in many cases is just tap water that is purified. purification process at least conscious manufacturers, is very similar to those used in water filters. The output quality is the same. The only difference is the price.

Treatment and filtration of tap water for bottling creates even more waste. By some estimates, it takes about two liters of water for every liter you see in stores. “Bottled water has a significant environmental burden,” says Goldstein of the NRDC.

So if tap water is fortified, you probably do not need fluoride in bottled. But if your family has well water without fluoride, only bottled drinks or uses a filter that removes fluoride.

Source: http://www.aquaphor.com.hr/cista-voda/filtriranje/da-li -je-bolje-piti-flasiranu-vodu

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