Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

Ways to Enhance Your Sex Life

By Dr. Vijay Abad Sexology

If your sex life has been depressing lately then it could be due to an underlying problem. If your libido levels dip have, then you can use these strategies to increase your sexual life.

    1. communicate communicate with your partner more often, such as lack of communication with your partner can lead to problems in a relationship. It helps improve the emotional bond they share and can also improve your sex life. If you want to try new positions and your partner is willing, then talk to him / her about it.
    2. Foreplay: Focus on foreplay; touching, kissing and everything else can be added to spice up the action between the sheets. Remember, foreplay does not age.
    3. Experimentation in Times Consider: Consider changing and trying new sexual positions. Try new positions and positions to hit the G spot perfectly.
    4. work at its core: Your core muscles that come into play in certain sexual positions. Do planks on a regular basis to tighten your core and lose fat. Strong core muscles also means that you can try more adventurous sexual positions.
    5. Diet: Diet is an important factor in their sexual health. Avoid eating foods that increase levels of bad cholesterol in the body. Eating more natural foods to improve their general welfare; make sure your diet allows you to maintain optimal levels of weight.
    6. Be creative: underwear whips, participate in role play and play your sexual fantasies with your partner
    7. Give yourself time. as you age, your sexual response slower. You and your partner can improve their chances of success by finding a quiet, comfortable without interruptions for sex place. Spend more time having sex is not a bad thing; work these physical needs in their routine of making love can open the door to a new kind of sexual experience.

The secret to the best sex ever …

If you need another reason to exercise, think about this: Working out is a great way to increase your sexual life. “It stimulates not only the body but the nervous system and the brain,” says Davidson. What’s more physiologically aroused and more receptive to sex. Exercise strengthens your cardiovascular system, improves circulation and gets the blood flowing to all the right places. It also gets in the mood by reducing stress and increase self-esteem.

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