Middle fruits are rich in vitamins for better health. Put one of them in the water and get health bonus!

The infused water with the essence of fruits, herbs and other botanicals helps you drink plenty of fluids without the inconvenience of excess calories, sugars and artificial flavorings. It is beneficial refreshing hydration in each sip.

infused water

Here are some ideas for water infused with:

1.BLUEBERRIES, orange and red grapefruit

cranberries, orange and red grapefruit offers high levels of filling fiber digestion improvement.


Provides strengthening bones with vitamin K. “instant refreshment and energy.”

3.CUCUMBER, mint and lemon

contains manganese, which helps control sugar spikes in blood fatstoring -. “And I curb their sweet cravings”

4.CANTALOUPE, watermelon and strawberry

rich in anti-inflammatory vitamin A. “I leave it in infusion for ten minutes and will stick real. ”
In any case, the use of cold water or room temperature is filtered. The hot water makes dispose produce faster and can endanger the nutrients you are trying to convince the ingredients.

Source: www.fitspirits.com

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