Watch Your Sugar! Sweetie!

Are you a User or an Abuser of Sugar & Caffeine?!

Are you a user or abuser sugar and caffeine? !

Does sugar make you gain weight?

Have you ever find yourself craving sweets, caffeine or need a “pick me up” at certain times of day? Well, you better watch your intake of sugar, honey-pie! Be sure to pay attention to corn syrups and high fructose energy drinks with caffeine overloaded that could kill. Not discredit the hidden sugars in the foods you are eating! sugary drinks are an important source of refined carbohydrates on the menu; that they seem to contribute to increased obesity and diabetes among the population (hereinafter “Diabesity”). This alarming factor has been linked with excessive weight gain and poor nutrition-related chronic diseases in unhealthy.

Food Fight Video Leaked! Viral Video! SusieQ FitLife! So what’s up with that? If that sugar should be avoided at all costs because it is bad? Not necessarily. The natural sugars in natural foods like fruits contain essential vitamins and minerals that the body needs. However, it still needs to “Watch Your Mouth” in terms of the amount / portion size that you are taking. Beware of processed sugars added to foods and sweetened beverages. Snacks, desserts, soft drinks and sports / power drinks are the main sources of added sugar in most American diets. Sugar can become a drug and some drinks power / energy have been banned from the market due to the harmful effects on teenagers. Potential health problems can dance in our lives with low nutrition, high calorie, sugar and low in dense foods / beverages fiber. In the event that the excise duty sweetened foods / bottled goods are loaded? Phew, we are dehydrated us! Pass water, fruits and vegetables in this way, please!

without sugar or artificial Sweet Love?

Sugar Lips on SusieQ FitLife Is it wise to avoid sugar only to inhale a box packaged 100-calorie snacks that are sugar? reduced calorie rich foods tend to contain high milligrams of sodium to offset the taste! Sodium understand that loves to retain water in the body, providing you feel so special swelling! There are six types of artificial sweeteners sugar substitutes / which are natural or synthetic such as aspartame, sucralose, neotame, acesulfame potassium and saccharin. Be aware of your levels of blood sugar and how certain foods with high glycemic index can spiking your blood sugar such as candy, extruded cereals, white bread and cakes to name a few. “You’re a big boy now!” Only you can make decisions about what you want to put in your mouth! SusieQ FitLife only wants to present some options for the control part and natural sweeteners “Honey!” Smile!

Who think they are?

know your family history and avoid chewing food with your eyes closed, if high blood pressure and diabetes is a genetic factor. Open your eyes and not lose sight of their body weight. Are you experiencing fatigue, excessive thirst, mood swings, constant hunger, blurred vision, frequent urination and skin complexion tone? You can develop diabetes and even experience warning signs according to the Centers for Disease Control . The bottom line is calories, calories out! Move your body and spend more calories than you consume to better manage your weight!

Tooth Decay! Watch Your Mouth & Get a FitLife with SusieQ FitLife fewer muscles to smile than frown!

Eating sugar makes you smile or give an automatic boost and a serious disappointment later? Consuming too much sugar can raise blood lipid and triglyceride levels, which can increase the risk of heart disease; while promoting tooth decay! If you can not “Watch Your Mouth” not practice good oral hygiene, tooth decay bacteria develop and grow! Now keep your floss out “raw cacao” (not to be confused with milk chocolate) provides some health benefits that can make you smile again. However, do your research and find the joy of new areas in your FitLife!

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