Watch Your Kidneys Stones Coming Out With This Home Remedy

kidneys are responsible for disposing of toxins and other excess body fluids. In fact kidneys have a very important role for us and our body functioning. Occasionally the kidneys can form kidney stones and should be cleaned.

Actually, kidneys take salts and poison all the time, and also sand and stones form. Thus, taking into account the ultimate goal to stay away from harm and torment, you should take a look at these harmful deposits.

We give a homemade recipe for cleaning the kidneys and improve their performance.


  • handful of parsley (optional cilantro)
  • Water


parsley Cut into large pieces and place in a bowl. Pour water over the leaves to cover them. At that point, put the container on the fire and let it bubble for about 10 minutes. Shortly thereafter, I put it aside and let it cool, and be sure to leave covered.

When cooled, strain and put in the refrigerator. Must be consumed fresh, a container of a day. After a few days of constant use, the pis will change. This change occurs, therefore, a procedure body in which it turns kneaded kidney toxins.

If desired, you can also make tea with the same ingredients just be sure to let the mixture stops for 30 minutes.

Moreover, just drink this drink occasionally do just fine for you. parsley tea has other medical benefits such as relieving menstrual pain and cramps.

In any case, if you think you have kidney stones, be careful, because the tea is “shake” the stones and may have to visit a specialist.

Also be sure to consume plenty of fluids during the day to ensure that the kidneys are functioning well. However, even though the drink is completely safe and natural, it is advisable to avoid during pregnancy.

In addition parsley and apples, lemons and watermelon are also great cleaners kidney. Moreover, olive oil contributes during the washing time kidney stones.


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