Watch What Happens When Cannabis Is Injected Into Cancer Cells. This Is Mind Blowing! (Video)


The antitumor effect of cannabis was first revealed in 1974. The results of 1974 research were published in the Washington Post in August 18. it was found that THC in cannabis, “slows the development of lung cancer, breast cancer and leukemia virus-induced cancer in laboratory mice, and extends its life by up to 36 percent.

“in 1975, a short article entitled” antineoplastic activity of cannabinoids, “published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, found that” the growth of lung adenocarcinoma Lewis was retarded by the oral administration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). mice treated with THC for 20 successive days with THC and CBD had reduced head size growth. ”

In 1998, Dr. Manuel Guzman and his research group study the Complutense University of Madrid found that the THC induces cell death in tumor cells configured brain, leaving intact the surrounding normal cells . In March 2002, a report of “Nature Medicine” indicates that the THC destroys brain tumors in rats incurable cancer.

Powerful therapy involves injections of THC. In 2007, Harvard University scientist revealed that certain compounds in marijuana stopped the development of lung cancer. SETH Group, a popular company, revealed that substances in cannabis have the ability to stop further growth of human glioblastoma brain cancer cells Multiform (GBM).

According to the company, “No chemotherapy can match this non-toxic anticancer action.” In 2014, a pair of researchers at the California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco found that THC can actually stop the transition in many types of aggressive cancer.

Watch the video below to understand the power of THC, the active component of marijuana, when it comes to the destruction of abnormal cancer cells.


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