Watch Out, Ohio: They’re Coming for Your Vaccine Rights (HB 564)

If you are a resident of Ohio, it is the time to pay close attention.

No matter whether you are in favor of vaccines or against them – if you receive some, all or none of them. What matters now is if you think that decision should rest with families, not the government. This affects families receiving “everything but the flu shot” or “anything but Gardasil” much as it does families who do not receive vaccines .

There is a new bill that has been proposed HB 564 . We will strip away many of our rights -. And you have to stop

Beware, Ohio: They’re coming for your vaccine rights

Increasingly, scientific evidence shows that vaccines may not be as safe and effective as we have been led to believe . Several people – including many prominent doctors and medical professionals – are starting to talk and ask questions. They are beginning to wonder why things might be happening, and if vaccines can play a role.

Meanwhile, the “other side” is simply standing, shouting, “You are stupid. Safe and effective vaccines and at the end. If you keep asking questions, we will just take away their right to choose “

vaccines are a medical procedure. Informed consent should be required to achieve them. Increasingly, it is not. The government and schools are trying to make these decisions for people, but that threatens to take away your right to a public education if they are not met. This is is not okay .

HB 564, in particular, allow

  • Schools vaccinate children without parental consent, if deemed ” necessary “
  • Remove the philosophical exemption entirely
  • require parents to visit a doctor for” education “before using any other exemption

This is a problem because there is not even need exemptions to exercise our right to make medical decisions for our own bodies and the bodies of our children.

also as “education” is usually highly skewed very weighted on the side “Vaccines are great, there is little or no risk, and your child will die and kill others without them. ” this is not an accurate risk versus benefit of vaccines image. And most people who have decided to opt out, you know much more about vaccines and disease that many of those who choose this option.

should not have to jump through hoops to exercise our rights. We that stop this bill.

See the full text here.

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Stopping the bill

First, please sign this petition . This is the easiest way for your government knows what to do not agree with this measure, and it will only take a few seconds.

Secondly, contact representatives sponsoring or co-sponsoring the bill and let them know you would like to withdraw support and stop this project law. Please be polite, but firm.

These are the representatives:

Dan Ramos – House District 56 – (614) 466-5141 (sponsor of the bill)
John Boccieri – House District 59 – (614) 466-6107 (co-sponsor)
Janine Boyd – House District 9 – (614) 644-5079 (co-sponsor)
Nickie Antonio – House District 13 – (614) 466-5921 (co-sponsor)
and the president of the Chamber also:
cliff Rosenberger – District 91 – (614) 466-3506

Here is an example of e-mail, you can use or modify as needed

Dear Representative {},

I am writing to you today to talk to you about HB 564. I would ask you to withdraw support for this bill. It is very important to me to protect the right of parents to choose medical procedures for their children. The government should have no role in this. It is popular these days, take away parental rights because more parents are asking questions, but removing someone’s rights, as they have decided to exercise them is unethical in the least.

Increasingly, science is coming out, showing that vaccines may not be as safe and effective as we thought. Because there is absolutely no scientific consensus on this issue, and because we own our bodies and not the state, should not create or modify laws that restrict our right to make this decision.

Please withdraw their support for this bill. This is one we will fight as hard as we have to, because it is so important to us. Your support is greatly appreciated, especially in an election year.



They can also invite Columbus, OH projection Vaxxed: From the deck to the catastrophe , on August 3 here is the link to get tickets: http: / /

is critically important that we firm but respectful pressure on these representatives until the bill is withdrawn.

If the progress of the bill, or if a protest is planned (and will ensure that one is planned, if the progress of invoices), I will modify their . We will not rest until our rights are protected.

are vaccine important rights for you?

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