WARNING: Nearly All Gum Contains Either Toxic GMO Corn Syrup Or Nerve-Disrupting Aspartame!

A typical piece gum contains these hazardous ingredients:

  • sorbitol
    • rubber Base
    • The maltitol
    • mannitol
    • aspartame (you can read this book surprising about the dangers of artificial sweeteners)
    • BHT
    • calcium phosphate casein peptone-calcium
    • Candelilla Wax
    • Sodium stearate
    • titanium dioxide
  • xylitol
    • artificial flavoring and “natural”
    • Acacia
    • acesulfame potassium


first, if you think the rubber will not hurt your health, because you are not eating, they’re wrong. These dangerous ingredients are absorbed through the mouth directly into the bloodstream. Gum is so dangerous that some animals can die after swallowing.

Rubber Base

It is the main ingredient in chewing gum comprising several synthetic ingredients such as oil, lanolin, glycerin, polyethylene, polyvinyl acetate, petroleum wax, stearic acid, and latex. Although the exact composition of the gum is the secret of a company, these ingredients are used to provide elasticity and act as binders and plasticizers. As an example, polyvinyl acetate is often used to make glues, coating paper or textiles to give a shine. So chews safe glue?

Sorbitol, mannitol, maltitol

These sweeteners are artificially produced alcoholic family members sugar. Consumption of them can lead to many health problems such as cardiovascular problems, abdominal pain, diarrhea, allergic reactions, diabetes, weight gain. Our body can not digest properly and sugar breaks down alcohol in the small intestine.

Each of the ingredients of the gum is unsafe and dangerous to your health. It is one of the most toxic products they are consuming. Are you willing to put your health at risk so you can have fresh breath? We think not.

All sugarless chewing gums are marketed as a healthy sugar gum containing alternative. You are constantly bombarded with information about how bad sugar is for teeth, therefore, go for a guy with no sugar. So they forget to mention that instead of sugar, which contains a sugar substitute, such as – aspartame, which is much worse than sugar. Why? Aspartame is a synthetic chemical compound consisting of 50% phenylalanine, aspartic acid 40%, and 10% methanol. Each of these substances puts their health at risk. Aspartame has been linked to virtually all diseases.When gum, aspartame is absorbed through the buccal mucosa of the mouth, which is much more dangerous than even consumed domestically. After the absorption step, aspartame passes the blood-brain barrier and spinal cord, then it goes directly into the brain.

Source: http://www.easyhometreatments.com

The WARNING: Almost all gum contains any toxic or GMO corn syrup the nerves that cause disturbances Aspartame first appeared in GlobalHealthyUnited


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