Warning given by oncologists against virus responsible for oral cancer


The spread of human papillomavirus (HPV ) during oral sex it is very possible that can cause cancer, a warning given by two oncologists.

According to them, human papilloma virus, once transmitted, can remain dormant for years or may even get wiped from your body, but gradually becomes the main reason for causing cancer.

The oncologic surgeon consultant at the Wockhardt hospitals, Meghal Sanghavi said that oral cancer is mainly caused due to virus HPV 16 and a malnourished individual gets easily succumbed to the disease whose immune system may have been committed. People who go for oral and unsafe sex are at greater risk.

Overall, nearly 20 to 25 percent of oral cancers are caused due to HPV transmission at the time of oral sex, although only five percent of the population realizes this fact.

Sanghavi also said that oral sex is one of the main channels through which the HPV virus is transmitted. Basically, the symptoms of cancer diseases can develop at all sites where the HPV virus is present for several years. If the immunity of a person, which blooms and can support the growth of cancer anywhere, even in the penis and anal regions is reduced.

According to doctors, 500,000 people worldwide are diagnosed with oral cancer each year.

Another oncologist based in Mumbai, Jeevan Parikh, who specializes in the treatment of oral cancer, said, “Oral sex increases cancer risk by 22 times. This is one of the easiest ways HPV to enter the human body and later affect other parts of the body as well. “

it is said that even though there were many kinds of research done on the subject, from the evidence practice, it can be concluded that oral sex has become one of the most important reasons to cause cancer.

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