VIDEO: After 20 Years Of Living With A Strange Mark, He Finally Decides To Squeeze. What Ensues? OMG

For the most part, people are grossed out by pimples, blackheads and skin diseases of all kinds. oily faces, pus-filled bumps – some people really enjoy this material in the strangest way possible. There is no judgment here, it actually has one of the most spectacular that zit-popping videos of all time for you!

This Canadian man noticed a pain in the neck more than 20 years ago. It kept growing and growing, however, I never thought much about it until it finally became so painful and swollen, I just had to do something about it. Much of their pleasure, decided to grab a camera for the first time.


This clip entitled, “Closing ZIT HUGE pop,” can not be more spectacular when it comes to this sort of thing. After only a slight push, a downpour of decades-old white pus starts running down the man’s face.

Andy Peppers It takes a total of two minutes to completely get rid of the pus, but did not stop there. Apparently, this grain did not want to leave easily after such a long life, which requires multiple runoffs in the next two weeks.

“At first, my wife uses a pin to start a hole,” he explains. “At first just a narrow stream of ‘stuff’ came out, but the knot that there really is nothing smaller. Then some of the heads began releasing multiple targets.”

Daily Mirror reports that the peppers are still somehow dealing with a small bump, but it is much, much less painful and sensitive than before. Have you ever seen a video zit-popping as epic as this? Share with us in the comments!

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