Victory! World’s Largest Spice Company To Go Organic & Non-GMO By 2016

signaling another victory for clean food movement, the spice company has the world’s largest It announced that it will be non-GMO and almost organic whole 2016.

Other companies like Simply organic, due to the boom in organic food and non-GMO, have been able to grow thanks to the support of customers looking for cleaner options.


The spice company McCormick has maintained its place as the largest in the world and is now making a move that comes as a surprise to many in order to prevent other companies steal market share.

The compay has announced that a large majority of your spices and herbs will be organic and non-GMO 2016, according to this article from the website of the Food dive.

About 80% of its products will meet the new standard. According to the article, the new labels also adorn the McCormick family packages with more than 70% is expected for the new sport label “non-GMO”.

Many of the spices and herbs of the company are no longer GMO, but it is expected that increased transparency to be a selling point for many consumers as it has been for products that have become in non-GMO Project verified.

New non-GMO vanilla extract will be presented along with numerous other organic spices and flavorings to compete with rivals for organic growth in the US dollar (and elsewhere), said McCormick.

According to the press release “The announcement comes before the fall peak of the kitchen and the holiday season, when the use of consumption of spices, herbs and extracts as key ingredients in favorite recipe increase “

McCormick a healthier choice?

In order to make the “safer” spices for the consumer many companies use irradiation

If you are buying from any spice company of age there is a high risk of you may be getting irradiated spices.

Luckily for people who want to avoid irradiated spices are options. Simply Organic, Frontier and other organic brands are good bets according to a report by McCormick and, although not organic at the moment, is another company that does not use radiation.

McCormick opts instead for steam treatments, preserving more of the health benefits of your spices (although some say it hurts the flavor rather than radiation treatments), according to this article News Food safety.

While spice company McCormick is not perfect, it is admirable that taking these steps, so a potential purchase better than other similar brands in a hurry if you can not get to the health food store .



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