Vichy Laboratories Review – Skin Care That Meets Unique Needs

Vichy Laboratories is a company that has several product lines that create cosmetics and care high quality skin for your face.

What is Vichy Laboratories?

Your skin has a unique climate that needs to be treated with the right products to maximize its natural beauty. Many consumers simply looking for the cheapest option available to keep your skin. You need to treat your skin condition to ensure a clear and beautiful complexion. Not all products are the same, but the Vichy Laboratories has a product to suit all skin types.

Vichy Laboratories is responsible for creating formulas that use natural resources of the Earth, which is fully supported by scientific research. These formulas include cosmetics and skin care, which means that your face is protected and beautified it comes.

Dr. Haller is the medical professional behind this research, which discovered the benefits of using thermal water Vichy France in 1931. This water is filled with 15 different minerals and antioxidants, all of them are able to improve the quality of your skin, soothing sensitive areas and healing damage. With this water, Dr. Haller decided to create a high quality formula that is now the root of all formulas and product lines.

Over the years, each product line has been expanded with the help of doctors, dermatologists and other medical professionals. This approach makes it easy to create solutions for all ages will experience a woman. Your skin changes over the years, and keeping up with the right kind of treatment is the key to keeping up with a radiant complexion.

Vichy Laboratories Products

Vichy Laboratories is responsible for a wide variety of product lines. Each product line helps to treat one or more areas of interest to consumers, helping them to meet all possible complexion. Vichy Laboratories specifically addresses products treat the following skin problems

  • Anti-aging
  • acne-prone
  • dehydrated
  • Dry skin
  • dull skin
  • Shine Prone

There are many lines of products on the website. To get a better idea of ​​selection and variety Vichy Laboratories has to offer, here are just three of those product lines.

Capital Soleil

Capital Soleil has to do with increasing their protection against UV rays. All these products nourish the skin so that luxury goods can, but with broad-spectrum UV protection and protection against environmental toxins. All these layers of protection also help eliminate the appearance of aging, which can be aggravated by long-term exposure to the sun. These are the different products that can be found in Capital Soleil line:

  • Soft Sheer sunscreen ($ 30.50)
  • Serigraph Lotion Dry finishing ( $ 28.50)
  • Ultra-Light Sunscreen Fluid ($ 25.50)


Normaderm is a product line of skin care that help consumers who have oily skin. When you have nothing but the combination skin, you need to pay close attention to the products applied to the skin. With regular use of Normaderm products, you may experience fewer problems with health outbreaks, blemishes, pores and excess oil. From this line of products, you can buy:

  • Anti-Acne Lotion ($ 25.00)
  • Gel Cleanser ($ 18.00)
  • anti-aging “Care” ($ 25.00)
  • Beautifying anti-aging Care ($ 25.00)


The Dermafinish product line is designed to last all day. All products of this line are designed to give “high level” of coverage, but without feeling like they have a lot of layers in makeup. All elements of lasting up to 12 hours to get through the whole day without reapplying. With Dermafinish line, you can obtain a liquid foundation ($ 30.00) or stick foundation ($ 28.00) to apply coverage. These are the color options, either material:

The line also offers a setting powder of $ 21.00 to help with the longevity of translucent makeup application.

contact the Vichy


Since the Vichy Laboratories are the creators of many different product lines of skin care, it may be in your best interest to speak with a representative before making your final purchase. You can talk to someone by e-mail to the company through the online form, or you can call to speak to someone directly.

To reach the customer service team, you can call 1-877-378-4249. The department is open Monday through Friday, but hours vary. Monday through Thursday, you can get an agent 09 a.m.-5: 00 pm EST. On Friday, the customer service department closes at 3:00 pm EST in place.


Most companies focus on a particular area of ​​skin care, allowing them to develop formulas that treat the skin at each stage. However, Vichy Laboratories has managed to use decades of research to create product lines that are suitable for anyone.

Each product line has a different purpose, if your aging skin from the sun or applying foundation on her face is protected. Affordably priced, these products are essential to your medicine cabinet.

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