Vért Fresh & Handmade Cosmetics – Natural & Vegan?

There are many ways to live well and if you are looking for in the field of cosmetics, then the path is through the purchase of high quality organic goods. The latest trend of life-turned-way-of-cosmetics is eco-friendly and handmade. What you put on your skin can influence their appearance years from now, so you should really try to buy the best.

One up-and-coming brand is determined Vert: fresh and handmade. Before making a purchase, however, the best way to check you are getting your money’s worth is to read a review. This is what you can expect from Vert and if their products are really up to it.

About Vert: fresh, handmade cosmetics

Vert Fresh certainly is not the first brand of handmade cosmetics and only in the market offering organic products. However, it is a brand that push for innovation and especially high-quality products. Vert produces handmade cosmetics inspired by the pure and natural process of creating handmade cosmetics that are free of chemicals and synthetic materials.

produced by Vert products are made from all-natural ingredients. Moreover, the brand also cuts on his hands, spills, and wrap their products on their own. If you are concerned about parabens and preservatives, then you can also be sure that Vert is free of them. All products are 100% vegetarian and do not include animal fats either.

vert ingredients used in products

One of the best features of Vert is that it is very clear about what happens in their products. For example, you can easily see what you put into their products by visiting their website. The website includes brand each ingredient used in the manufacture of its products handmade. Common ingredients that the brand uses include orange peel, cucumber, apple extract, Granada, strawberry, apricot oil, pistachio, better shea cocoa powder , coffee bean, and rose .

On the other hand, there are a number of non-traditional ingredients also enter the brand product. Here are some of the most interesting ingredients to expect and cosmetic benefits:


Cardamom is a substance involved. Recognized as a spice in most countries, but also has a number of cosmetic benefits that can really benefit your skin. For example, cardamom improves blood circulation, giving your skin a healthier and brighter appearance. In addition, the substance is known to brighten your skin.

Mango Butter

Apparently Mango butter is one thing – and it succeeds Vert. Mango created from seeds of mango, mango butter is an excellent skin care ingredient that works to nourish and hydrate the skin with essential fatty acids deeply. Butter contains fatty acids such as stearic acid mono-unsaturated omega-9, and saturated fatty aid. Between skin hydration, mango butter improving skin elasticity and repair damage to the skin.

Neem powder

Neem powder originates from an evergreen tree in India. Known for its healing powders and their amazing ability to treat skin, Vert has decided to use in most products skin care. This powder is able to directly treat acne, eczema, skin inflammation and other skin ailments. The powder, when mixed into a product, works to calm her and make it clearer.

Muskroot Powder

Mustroot Mustroot powder is obtained which is widely grown in the Himalayas. The herb is responsible for light, toning, skin and soothe common ailments.


Unlike many of the ingredients in this list, sandalwood treats all skin problems such as dark circles, coals, brands and even acne. Those who are particularly concerned about aging and the negative impact of the tanning of the skin, then choose a product with Sandalwood is a good decision. The ingredient nourishes the skin, prevents sinking and improves texture for a more taut appearance.

Among the ingredients listed above, Vert also adds calamine powder, butter Kokum, geranium, beeswax, Himalayan salt, oil, wheat germ, oatmeal powder and Aloe Vera. At least now you know the brand does not really put quality and natural products, you can be sure that you are avoiding parabens and other harmful substances.

Product available

Vert also offers a variety of different product lines. Here are some of their most popular offerings so you can choose a product that you and your beauty needs appropriate.

Bath salts

Vert offers a line of bath salts that work to nourish, exfoliate, moisturize and your skin while bathing. The most popular products include lemongrass bath salt, Himalayan salt and divine Rose, and Clay French and exotic lavender. All salts, such as creams and other products are completely handmade with safe and organic process of the company.

face and body masks

The brand has three extremely popular facial and body masks. These products include Chocosmoothie face and body mask, Rhassoul clay Salvador tree oil and tea face mask body, oatmeal and almond Crush Face and body mask. The third option has exfoliating properties that work to remove dead skin cells and refresh the skin for a brighter and smoother appearance.


Finally, Vert also offers a line of organic shampoos and totally natural. The best choices include beer shampoo and Olive Shampoo, Close ginger and lemon, orange and honey, rosemary and mint invigorating wash, and milk Oatmeal Honey Conditioner. Different variations can be used with different shampoos and conditioners will work well. Shampoos and conditioners are also very useful for all hair types. In essence, you can enjoy Vert line of shampoos, regardless of your hair type.


Generally, if you are looking for a totally natural, organic and high quality product that is made out of some interesting and excellent ingredients, then Vert is the brand to gravitate towards. All you need to nourish your skin and hair can be found in the produce section of Vert. You can also choose options that meet your needs and expectations of a product of skin care -. Just have a look at the ingredients first and relate what you want

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