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Steam Diet , also known as its vapor diet , is a new system loss weight based on – you guessed it – vaping pounds. Find out how this seemingly crazy in our view system works today.

What is the diet of steam?

Steam diet is described as a “revolutionary weight loss system with Garcinia cambogia.” The system comes as vaping e-liquids. You Vape daily to control the desires of hunger and “lose weight fast”, according to the manufacturer.

There are 40 different e-liquid flavors to choose from, and include a wide range of everything from jelly beans candy bar cheesecake.

The kits are priced at an introductory rate of $ 10 each, but if the fine print of the terms and conditions you read, you will notice that it is a bit of a scam: 15 days after the order, your credit card the total price of $ 84.70 or $ 144.50 every 30 days, depending on which package you ordered will be charged.

How does the diet work steam work?

Steam Diet claims that you can vape away your pounds just vaping whenever a craving for food is obtained.

Basically, instead of eating food, which Vape. Vaping has virtually no calories. Instead of consuming some calories by eating real food, consuming zero calories by eating any food. It makes sense that weight loss .

There are 40 flavors to choose from, and all e-liquids claim to be full of Garcinia cambogia extract .

Garcinia cambogia extract , for those who do not know, is a diet pill ingredient fad that has been associated with modest benefits of appetite suppression. It is unclear how Garcinia cambogia is in each e-liquid, since the manufacturer does not show any information on the manufacturing conditions.

What are the 40 Flavors?

Steam maker diet claims that there are 40 flavors available. However, only a small portion of those 40 flavors are currently available to order.

Current flavors include: Jelly Beans, banana split ice cream, pizza, chocolate bar, Bavarian cream, cinnamon bread, licorice Black, cheesecake, chocolate dipped strawberries and cookies and cream


I’m not sure that the manufacturer has the number “40”, but does not seem to be accurate.

There is also no mention of Garcinia cambogia in any of these flavors.

Steam Diet Ingredients

Steam Diet does not show any of its ingredients, nor the list of manufacturing conditions.

Usually, when products are manufactured in facilities accredited in developed countries, manufacturers want to advertise this information.

The fact that the vapor diet has taken a different approach suggests that the e-liquid can be made in low quality and envoys from countries like China – which is where a series of e-liquids come of


Steam diet kits

Steam diet sells its products through three different kits, each of which includes everything you need to vape. These kits are:

Kit Max ($ 159.90)

– 2 Units steam Diet
– 2 USB chargers steam units diet
– Instructions and Tutorials video
– 10 Sabor Clearomizer Tips
– 10 steam diet flavor steam juices in bottles of 10 ml
– 3 Day shipping
– automatic monthly subscription to spare 10 bottles for $ 144.50 per month

Elite ($ 139.90)

Kit – 1 unit diet steam
– USB Charger unit diet steam
– Instructions and tutorials video
– 7 taste Tips Clearomizer
– 7 steam dietary flavor steam juices in bottles of 10 ml
– Day 3 shipping
– automatic monthly subscription to spare 10 bottles for $ 144.50 per month

Pro Kit ($ 109.90)

– 1 unit diet steam
– USB Charger unit diet steam
– Instructions and tutorials video
– 3 taste Tips Clearomizer
– 3 vapor diet flavor steam juices in bottles of 10 ml
– Day 3 shipping
– automatic monthly subscription to spare 10 bottles for $ 144.50

is vapor diet is a scam?

If you look for vapor diet reviews online, you will find a lot of people complaining about pricing policies shadow of the company.

As mentioned above, diet pricing steam seems to be deliberately misleading. The company announces that largely their kits only cost “$ 9.95” for shipping, regardless of what equipment to buy.

As with all good things on the internet, you know there’s a catch.

That problem is really hard to find. You have to read through the terms and conditions and look at the fine print.

According to the terms and conditions, you will see this:

“If the order package includes automatic enrollment in the loyalty program steam diet, Faro Components Corp would automatically send refills on day 15 (Five juices $ 84.70) and every 30 days (10 juices $ 144.50) for the purchase of your kit steam diet to ensure the continuity of its steam loss diet and weight. “

the three kits mentioned above include automatic enrollment in” their loyalty program Vapor Trail diet. ” So when you see that you only pay $ 9.95 for shipping, that’s not the true cost of the program.

Essentially, 14 days after request your diet trial steam, will be charged the following fees for the kit you already received:

– Pro Kit: $ 99.95
– Elite Kit : $ 129.95
– Max kit: $ 149.95

that’s for the kit you already received. Then refills every month at a price of $ 49.95 will be sent. That price includes only 5 bottles of 10 ml e-liquid.

There is also another monthly subscription where you pay $ 144.50 for 10 bottles of e-liquid each month.

None of these data are detailed in the main steam Diet sales, and you do not even have to check a box that says you agree to the terms and conditions. For all these reasons, it is easy to see why the diet vapor is called a scam.

If you want to avoid any of these charges, then you need to call the manufacturer of steam diet and return vaping kit (on your own) before the period of 14-day trial is over. If you can not return it within that period of 14 days (which also includes the time needed to send the kit to your address in the first place), then the charges credit card spending over time.

Who makes steam diet?

Steam diet is made by a company called Faro Components Corp.

That company lists its headquarters as follows:

Faro Components Corp.
123 N Congress Avenue # 351
Boynton Beach FL 33426

you can email the company in [email protected] or by calling 954-507-3377 for customer service.

The official website of the company, you will find that is described as a “respected leader in online marketing.”

When search company company files here , you will discover that was founded by a man named Jason Hayes on September 29, 2014.

If you start with steam diet?

Ultimately, steam diet appears to be an excellent diet system where you can get a lot of spray equipment for a cheap price. However, when reading the fine print and terms and conditions, you will notice that the steam from the diet seems to be little more than a scam designed to carry more than $ 200 of debt credit card in less than 30 days.

Even if the company does not operate under the shadow price policies, there is little evidence that this diet program works anyway. Basically, the idea is that Vape mixed with flavors Garcinia cambogia instead of eating real food. It is not only dangerous to health, but is unlikely to lead to weight loss long-term . It is a starvation diet.

For all these reasons, steam diet is a diet that becomes smoke (vaporizer).

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