Valentus Prevail Products – Quality MLM Business?

Valentus is a multilevel marketing company, which sells health and wellness nutritional supplements. All products are said to be made with pure natural ingredients.

About Valentus

Valentus was founded in 2014 by CEO Dave Jordan. The company headquarters is located in Sparks, Nevada. Valentus means “Prevail” in Latin, which is the product line of the company. The products are coffee Prevail management weight loss coming in bags and simply added to water. The company claims it is one of the healthiest in the world of coffee.

Dave Jordan is the former owner of an eBay dollar sports business of several million dollars, which is what leads to wealth. He entered the network marketing business in 1994 at the age of 16. He has mentored many people take them to become distributors of Diamond level.

Valentus Prevail Product Line

product line Prevail is what they call “functional beverages”. All products are formulated with natural ingredients. There are only four elements that the company manufactures and distributes.

– Prevail Delgado roast – This item is used to control appetite . sugar and fat absorption is regulated, provides antioxidants, elevates moods, as well as promoting brain health and focus.

– Prevail Boost Immune – This product is full of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals . This will drive and immune health support .

– Prevail Energy – starts working within minutes to provide healthy energy that lasts home without the crash and burn than other products that leave you with

-. Prevail Trim – Formulated with suppressants natural appetite and ingredients detoxify and cleanse the body


Valentus Opportunity

there are four different ways to start as an independent distributor with Valentus .

  1. Basic Package – Get 1 box of $ 59.95. This package starts out without any classification level.
  2. Starter Pack -. 3 boxes of $ 129.95, beginning with a rating of Gold
  3. Advanced Pack -. 6 boxes of $ 199.95 that provides starting platinum ranking
  4. Business Builder Pack -. 16 boxes for a total of $ 499.95 giving you a rating classification starting with Ruby

Each individual box contains 24 packets of coffee. The ranking you get when you make your purchase will apply to the rest of the current month and the next month also.

retail commission allows independent distributors to receive a discount of $ 20 on all orders. the sales commission on sales is 25%. There are also three different bonuses distributors can win. You can also earn binary commissions as a team.

  • Fast Start Bonus – Earn up to $ 100 based on the turnover of the new representatives to sign personally. This bonus is paid weekly.
  • matching bonuses. – This allows you to receive a bonus that fits the binary commission of each person who has personally enrolled
  • Bonds Since Achievement – As you progress in rank They earn a bonus once and forever the progress made. Achievement Bonus lowest is $ 5,000 and the maximum is $ 250,000.

The company offers a preferred, providing incentives client referral program. You can win a free game every month through this program and do with it what you want.

The verdict

The company has only been running for 2 years so it is difficult to say whether the company will achieve the ultimate success or dive into the depths of failure. The company has a good product, and with more people becoming health conscious there is a relatively good chance that the company will remain in good condition. More and more people are looking for natural products is another good thing that the company has on its side. In this time he has not only been a complaint made to the Office Better Business about the company. The problem was quickly resolved.

overall company revenue in 2015 was over 160 million dollars, which can prove that Valentus is on the road to success. Independent distributors have a lot of opportunities to succeed and excel in the company. Customers are generally satisfied with the product. The verdict says that the company may need a little more time to prove himself, but so far is on the right track.

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