Vaginal Blisters and Sores? Read and Learn More


vaginal sores and blisters is not something that is expected to tell his mom or brag to your closest friends about. It is an unpleasant condition of the female genitalia, but not dangerous that a woman should not leave it and should do something about it.

Who can get it?

Anyone can have blisters and a person does not have to be sexually active. His appearance does not depend hygiene or anything special. You can get vaginal blisters because :. Friction, ingrown hairs or obstruction of sweat glands

How they are?

blisters inside the vagina look like any other blister. They may contain transparent fluid (blisters with transparent color) or blood (expressed in red with darker center). They may be circular or oval. They do not sting or press or smelly.

cause pain?

These blisters occur in any part of the vulva and are often unnoticed until there is some friction. Touching them can be a bit painful, but not much. If the ampoule is inside vulvae it can not be observed until dry. If you do not touch them or damage, they will disappear unnoticed.

How to treat these blisters?

The best way to treat vaginal blisters is to stay in a hot bath, either with a bath sitting or some other treatment. Staying in the blisters burst water allows pain free. The worst thing you can do is try to shoot the blisters because it can cause an infection. It is best left to heal naturally.

How long?

Normally they last for about a week, but it depends on your body and your ability to heal blisters. In case of suspected or blister is there for a longer period, it is best to visit your gynecologist.

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