Uric Acid curing with herbal

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Yesterday when I see task NTT NTT fiscal package chief John Walingson Purba seemed in good condition the white skin clean and healthy at all. I exchanged greetings with him, “Sir that looks healthy.” After that, a story is told :. . “Yes, I always old hospital of kidney failure and dialysis Even uric acid reaches 14. The Docter has to give up this however illness I am now completely cured only with the consumption of concoction given by Sinshe

The potion is:
January 11 (eleven) single clove garlic
2 2 (two) teeth Bombay onion (large)
3 3 (three) of orange nipis PC (no lemon …)

the three materials are mixed into one. for all orange peel mixed and seeds, together with seeds as well. ingredients well herbal daily 3x 1 tablespoon consumed before eating. As a result Kajati fully recovered from the kidneys stop diseases and potions that what is transmitted to our Team Inspector General of Jakarta. he said his Shinse said any type of patient that would healthy if I eat it. Even doctors have pronounced morbid retrieved.

Returning from Kupang Mr. Irmud Intel Pidsus Tjahyo direct Aditomo make the potion and therefore all complaints disappear. Drowsiness always struck when work hours are lost completely. Just as the pain in his hands. He has children who have symptoms of a doctor convicted tongue cancer. But the magic after taking it so completely healed.

One more examiner Datun Misses Riama Sihite have bred former drug addicts. Your blood pressure is always above 200/100. Every morning wakes direct can not always sit and sit must slowly. Then ask housekeeping to make the potion and consume as a test. Consumed during 2 weeks after cleaning and urinated blood after his blood pressure at 125/70 normal ..
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