UltraBrain – Nootropic Neuro Enhancer With Superior Science?

Ultra brain is a new nootropic supplement that claims to offer “elite mental focus” through of formula “# 1 neuro enhancer”. It is ultra Brain nootropic another scam? Or is the real deal?

What is Ultra brain?

UltraBrain is a nutritional supplement that aims to improve your brain using 100% organic ingredients. It also makes bold claims can “increase the memory up to 110%” and offer “incredible to think with crystal clarity.”

The supplement is available online through a trial $ 3, though it will still be charged the full price of $ 79.99 with this assay (will automatically be charged full price for 12 days after you ask).

A $ 80 price tag makes UltraBrain one of the most expensive supplements nootropic available today. It is ultra brain actually worth $ 80 of your hard earned money? Let’s take a closer look at its ingredients and methods of action.

How does Ultra brain?

UltraBrain says it uses 100% organic and 100% vegetarian ingredients to achieve its benefits. These benefits include:

  • Improving energy levels
  • “impressive” in concentration levels
  • increase

  • performance Higher brain
  • Clear mental focus
  • lucid dreaming

Basically, Ultra brain claims to supercharge every part of your brain – which is similar to what we see other nootropics are sold online. These supplements make huge demands and then refuse to back up their claims with any evidence.

Like other supplements, UltraBrain not list all scientific studies or clinical trials have been performed. In other words, when you order this supplement, being the guinea pig for the company -. Not seem to have gone through any kind of testing before hitting the market

UltraBrain states that all the above benefits come of its four active ingredients, which we will discuss below.

UltraBrain Ingredients

UltraBrain lists only four active ingredients, including all of the following characteristics:

– L-Glutamine: This is an amino acid that widens blood vessels, increasing the blood flow to the brain

-. Ginkgo Biloba :. This is an herbal extract used in traditional medicine to increase cognitive ability, although mixed results were shown in modern scientific testing

– Choline: Choline is a precursor of acetylcholine in the brain. Acetylcholine is responsible for training and memory storage neurotransmitter.

– Guto Kola: Ultra brain spells this ingredient as “tail Guto”, when in fact, the correct spelling is “gotu kola”. In any case, it is an herbal extract traditionally used to treat nervous disorders, epilepsy and premature cognitive aging. You can buy gotu kola extracts online for as little as $ 10 to $ 15 for a pack of 180 x 475 mg capsules.

These ingredients are similar to the ingredients found in other nootropics . They are backed by scientific evidence -. which is good

Unfortunately, Ultra brain refuses to disclose any doses of ingredients. That’s a huge red flag, and is a marketing tactic we’ve seen used by online scams nootropics. They have good, science-backed ingredients, but then use a dose that is 10% of what you need to achieve the desired effects.

With UltraBrain, we know that the work of the ingredients – but without dosage information, we do not know if they work in the dose found in UltraBrain

When manufacturers hide their dosage information. , it is usually because they want to hide their low doses.

UltraBrain pricing

pricing policy is set UltraBrain we see many scams online. The manufacturer tells you that only costs $ 3, and then charge your credit card $ 80 in hidden fees before you have time to try the product. Here’s how the scam works:

-You prompts you to enter your credit card to pay a $ 2.97 shipping fee for their “free sample bottle”

His bottle will within 5 to 7 business days. It is a full size bottle containing a full month supply of Ultra brain.

-12 calendar days after you ordered the trial, your credit card will automatically be charged $ 79.99.

Then every 30 days thereafter, your credit card will be charged $ 79.99 plus shipping again and receive another month’s supply in the mail

If not called customer service the company at (888) 512-0224 to cancel, you will continue to be charged $ 79.99 plus shipping each month for the rest of his life

This it is a scam autoship. The only reason that is semi-legal is because the manufacturer hidden all these terms in small font, light gray at the bottom of the page UltraBrain sales. So technically, you accept the terms when you register for testing $ 3

Who does Ultra brain?

Clearly, UltraBrain is a scam. By making this supplement? The manufacturer lists very little information about yourself online. All we have is a phone number :. (888) 512-0224

Interestingly, that number is associated with a company of replacement windows in Austin Texas called Crystal Clear.

Ultra brain also refuses to tell us where the supplement is made, or where they come from its ingredients. All we have is the address of a fulfillment center, which is here:

1732 South Congress Ave. # 355
Palm Springs, FL 33461

Note that the service company customer is only available 09 am-5 pm EST, so you have to call within those hours to cancel your subscription. Except not to get any refund :. Companies like this are very bad with refunds and will likely refuse unless the supplement is unopened and in its original packaging

Should take UltraBrain to improve cognitive ability?

Ultra brain gives us no reason to believe that is different from any other scam nootropic sold online today. The company lists only four active ingredients, claims his formula is “100% organic” and announced at a price of only $ 3, while secretly charge your credit card $ 80 in hidden charges every month.

To make matters worse it is that the manufacturer refuses to tell dose supplementation – which is something that we typically see when a manufacturer is hiding its low dosage. You can buy all the ingredients separately in larger quantities and a more powerful dose. gotu kola, for example, is available online for $ 12 for a pack of 180 capsules with 475 mg of Formula One. In other words, there is no reason UltraBrain is priced at $ 80

The manufacturer also does not list any scientific studies or clinical trials that have been conducted in the formula – which is something you want to see when you expect to pay $ 80 for a charge of smart drug.

Ultimately, based on all this information, UltraBrain is a complete scam. Skip it and spend your money on supplements reputable place.

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