Two herbs to sleep all night: Valerian and Kava

13699797-valerian How sleep and insomnia naturally with the help of these two precious medicinal plants

insomnia is a disease of the times that affects all of us at one time or another in our lives and often, not only translates as the inability to sleep, but you can wake up also manifest themselves in the middle of the night, and then not be able to go back to sleep.

valerian and kava root for a natural sleep
Statistics show that insomnia is a sleep disorder who experience it at some point in their lives 95% of the adults and may vary in severity and duration in time, as in severe or chronic cases, the impact achieve both the physical and mental health (depression) and, where lifestyle and diet are key factors in determining its origin.

However you may face in its early stages with two very effective medicinal herbs; valerian root and kava kava kava root-o.

valerian root to sleep
Valerian root is a resource of herbal medicine old for the treatment of sleep disorders because it acts on the system nervous that led him to calm through a natural sedation, representing about stress relief.

This natural root has such healthy profits, which is not addictive and only rarely causes side effects, which can manifest stomach discomfort as mild, unlike psychoactive drugs whose effects are very serious when the consumption extends over time and is not controlled by a professional.

An infusion of valerian is the most recommended and should be taken usually 30 minutes before going to bed.
valerian herbal supplements, can only be recommended by a professional to determine the correct dosage in each case.

Kava root sleeping through Another natural remedy for insomnia or sleep disorders night
, is the root of Kava, widely used in the East as a mild natural sedative that induces a state of drowsiness almost immediately, it is also recommended for cases of anxiety, a condition that affects direct way to sleep.

kava kava is not addictive and has almost no side effects, only in very isolated cases had some sort of rash or mild upset stomach, but as a medicinal plant or commercial supplement should be prescribed by a professional, especially if They are antidepressant medications or other consumption that affects the central nervous system.

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