Turapur BPA-Free Countertop Water Pitcher Review


The water jug ​​ Turapur is a new water filtration device that creates the hydrogen-rich water which it is supposedly better for your health. Here is our review of water jug ​​Turapur.

What is the water pitcher Turapur?

The Turapur is a system water filtration that looks like Brita and others water jug ​​filters . tap water on top of the launcher, which passes through the filter and filtered water exits the bottom is poured.

The main difference between Turapur and other water filters is that water rich in hydrogen is created. The pitcher is not actually classified as water purification system :. Instead, it is a water filtration system adds water hydrogen ions

Why do you want to drink water with added hydrogen ions? Turapur manufacturers claim that this water helps you feel more energetic. It is also committed to reducing the effects of aging on your body.

As the manufacturer of Turapur explains, “Almost nobody in America knows about this fountain of youth.”

How does Turapur work?

Turapur manufacturers claim to use “specially selected mineral layers” in your filter. As the water passes through these layers minerals, which receives hydrogen ions. The layers contain minerals such as magnesium things. As the water hits magnesium, it produces a chemical reaction to create hydrogen ions released.

Hydrogen ions play an important role in the body, helping to free radicals balance within your body . You know what your body needs to maintain a balance of special temperature in order to stay healthy? Turapur creator says it is also necessary to maintain a balance of free radicals. Free radicals are compounds within our body that create oxidative damage and may accelerate the risk of disease. A fight damage from free radicals using antioxidants -. Like those found in fruits and vegetables

The power of water Turapur hydrogen is that it produces “a super powerful antioxidant” in the water you drink every day. So instead of eating fruits and vegetables every day to get your recommended antioxidants daily intake, simply drink water Turapur.

By drinking Turapur water a day, which can reduce the effects of aging on your body, reducing the risk of disease, and access more energy every day -., At least, according to the manufacturer

to make a long story short, drinking water is always healthy for you. Turapur promises to double in these health benefits by making water even healthier.

The creator of Turapur is not only do these health benefits: check out this study from Japan , where researchers demonstrated that improved lipid-rich water hydrogen and glucose metabolism in patients with type 2 diabetes researchers do not go so far as to say that the hydrogen-rich water provides anti-aging benefits, but did say that may have a role beneficial in preventing diseases like diabetes.

Turapur manufacturer cites this study – and others – when explaining the benefits of your pitcher

The story behind Turapur

Turapur comes with an interesting history.. The creator of the filter, Nate Rifkin says that once met an “eccentric” about to turn 50 years old -. Although only seemed it was about 30 years old

After talking to the man, Nate learned that his secret was “a strange-looking machine … almost the size of a briefcase.” That machine water produced by hydrogen ions. After receiving a sample of water, which states that “could feel in my body this fountain of youth is real.”

Nate paid the man $ 4,000 for this mysterious machine, then began to test the water itself.

states that uses something called a potential (ORP) meter oxidation reduction to measure the amount of a liquid or reduces the oxidation potential or creates oxidation. ORP meter is a real device that uses small electrical charges waterproof. OzoneApplications.com explains used to measure clean water and evaluate the ability of water to decompose pollutants.

Nate uses the ORP meter to test popular bottled water, tap water and the water created by electrolysis machine $ 4,000.

Eventually, Nate partnered with someone to create a cheaper version of the water filtration system. Instead of paying $ 4,000 for a machine that creates the antioxidant water, you can pay a much lower price for a small pitcher. So these two came together with a manufacturer called Laissez-Faire pitcher to produce in mass quantities.

How does Turapur Make Pitcher hydrogen-rich water?

causes water Turapur hydrogen rich in two stages.

The first stage is a special layer of activated carbon filtering NSF certified. This layer excludes bad tastes and odors from your water. Then the next layer of “ion exchange resin” softens water – like the water softener works from home. These two layers form the first stage and immediately make your water taste.

The next stage uses specific minerals to enrich the water and free its hydrogen content using a mixture of three elements:

  • magnesium
  • infrared ceramic
  • Turmalina

magnesium is initiated by the release of hydrogen. Water, as you know, is made of H20 (two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom). When water interacts with magnesium, magnesium attract some of the oxygen atoms and pair with these oxygen atoms. This causes the hydrogen atoms to split from oxygen, hydrogen leaving behind.

– The other layers of ceramic and tourmaline infrared – release more hydrogen. The tourmaline is actually a gemstone that promises to transform water into the rich antioxidant source hydrogen youth you love.

Turapur pricing

Turapur is priced at $ 19.95 + $ 4.95 shipping and handling.

The manufacturer claims that the normal selling price is $ 59.95 although the creator of claims would filter “Happy fork over $ 4,000” for water filtered in this way.

There is some catching this price: after buying the filter online from the official website Turapur, you will automatically subscribe to Autoship program Turapur, which sends fresh filters and automatically loads your credit card [

his first pitcher Turapur comes with filters that will last a total of 60 days. 60 days after the order, your credit card will be charged $ 45 for a pack of three filters (6 months supply).

every 6 months thereafter, receive 3 filters more at a price of $ 45

Turapur calls this the number of members of Priority Pass. You can cancel at any time.

Interestingly, Turapur is not available for people in California or anyone outside the United States. It is only available for people in the 49 states no called California. Thea Turapur manufacturers claim that is not available in California, “because California regulations.” It is not clear what those regulations.

You can order by phone at 1-866-444-1501 Turapur or online at the official website.

About Nate Rifkin and Laissez-Faire

Nate Rifkin created the water filter Turapur. He lists his job as “metro Health Research” for Laissez-Faire.

Laissez-Faire is a company based in the book of Baltimore, Maryland. You can learn more about the company, visit their official website at www.lfb.org . Or, contact by calling 877-453-1177. The company is headquartered at the following address:

808 St. Paul St.
Baltimore, MD 21201

Laissez-Faire describes itself as “a publishing firm and the independent investigation. ” The company sells a variety of print and online publications, books and electronic books, films and conferences.

Nate LinkedIn page says nothing about working in Laissez-Faire. Instead, he says it is a direct marketing strategist who has been self-employed in the Internet marketing world since 2005.

Nate official website [Naterifkin.com] lists it as the creator of electronic books like the secret life Changing exercise and age reversing force. Also it seems to have published a number of other books and manuals in recent years. The water filter Turapur is also a prominent place on their official website.

must be used Turapur to reverse aging?

hydrogen-rich water has shown some evidence that it may reduce your risk of diabetes and other related diseases blood sugar. However, it has not been definitively shown to be a cure for aging or “fountain of youth.”

However, if you believe the hydrogen-rich water is the secret to staying young, then Turapur can help you make hydrogen-rich water at home. The launcher itself is relatively cheap -. It is priced at $ 20

That price $ 20 includes a filter that lasts 60 days. The pitcher gets more expensive, however, after you have submitted three new filters every 6 months at a price of $ 45. The company does this automatically through its automatic shipment program.

It is also important to note that the pitcher does not accept other filters Turapur :. You need to buy filters of the company at a price of $ 45 for 6 months supply

If you agree to pay that price, and is interested in water rich in hydrogen, then Turapur can be the pitcher water suitable for you.

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