Tuesday Ten: Team LC’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Team LC’s 2015 New Year’s Resolutions

Each time a new year rolls around, all of us in the team LC like to meet and discuss our resolutions for next year. Let’s talk about them together, and encourage each other annotate , which is the best way to assume our responsibility. This year, we also take a look at resolutions last year to see what we have achieved … That’s the beauty of writing! So today, we are sharing some of the goals and resolutions of the LC team has set out to achieve in 2016. We believe inspire know what our friends and colleagues are improving on, and hope you are too.

take a look below, and be sure to share its resolutions 2016 comments …

1. Take time to relax
This year i want to have more time for my personal life. I had an incredible 2015, but I would definitely charge a bit more than I could handle. In 2016, I plan to make my health and happiness a priority as you would any other aspect of my work. I’ll have time for things like eating right, leaving aside time to relax and spend quality time with my friends and family (with my cell phone hidden). It is wonderful to work hard and achieve their goals, but if you are too tired to do anything else besides work, what is the point? – Lauren LaurenConrad.com Editor in Chief

2. Clean up the mess
This year, really they want the mess. And that applies to all aspects of my life. I want to clean up the mess of my house, my car, my wallet, my cabinets, countertops my … The list is endless. I feel much more organized and less stressed when everything is in place, which is hard to do when there are only so many things everywhere. I also want to start making monthly donations to charities and organizations that need all the extra material that I have there. From clothing to beauty products to home decoration, always I have so many things I do not need someone else could appreciate and love more than I do . – Rachel LaurenConrad.com Editor

3. No further delay
I have a tendency to leave the most difficult task, or I I been dreading most, until the last minute. I always cause unnecessary anxiety, and I realize how easy it would do if I just dove straight into my more complicated (and less fun) task item first. I feel that fixing one thing will help in many different areas in my life … work tasks for cleaning my apartment to run errands. Rachel LaurenConrad.com Editor

4. Call home more often
currently live in Santa Monica, but I was born and I grew up in Arizona, where my family still lives. And since we’re on the same side of the country, I find myself wishing I could just drive home for a quick weekend or have a family dinner with my parents on any given night (and I think my family feels the same, too!) . That said, this year I’m promising to call home more often, especially to talk to my parents and grandparents. My grandparents have so much wisdom and so many memories to share, and do not want to miss out on those special conversations -. Allison LaurenConrad.com Editor

5. Eat more vegetables
I have to admit I’m pretty good at making me go to the salad: a chicken Caesar kale with avocado and sliced ​​almonds. Yum. But when it comes to “eat the rainbow,” I think I can do better. This year, I am resolved to add more color to my meals with root vegetables like carrots and beets, hydrating vegetables such as cucumber and zucchini, and healthy sources of fiber such as sweet potatoes. Vitamins and minerals are essential Allison LaurenConrad.com Editor

6. Schedule my workouts
My resolution is 2016 to enter into an actual training program. I manage to remain relatively active, but now go to the gym at random times, which makes it very easy to skip a week without thinking about it. I want to commit to go to one or two of the same classes every week, so I’m guaranteed a workout even when life is filled -. Ilana LaurenConrad.com Editor

7. Taking vitamins
This may seem silly, but one of my resolutions for 2016 is actually remember to take my vitamins! Along with a multivitamin, I have been taking evening primrose oil, which is ideal for regulating hormones and the fight against premenstrual syndrome. But it is supposed to take it several times a day, which makes it so easy to forget. My plan is adding a probiotic to the mix as well. To start 2016 on the right foot, I packed a small bag coin vitamins in the bag so that I will have with me as a reminder instead of sitting on my nightstand. This year, I’m over it Ilana LaurenConrad.com Editor

8. A morning person Become
my biggest resolution for 2016 is to become a better person in the morning. Very early, it has never been my strong and can usually catch hitting the snooze button more than once. I am the worst when it comes to give enough time to wake up and get ready in the morning! Ideally I would like to save enough time before work to enjoy my morning tea, get in a quick workout, and make a balanced breakfast. Jessi Editorial Assistant LaurenConrad.com

9. Lost my focus
My resolution is to focus. In order to create, we all need downtime to bring forward ideas, relax our mind and give us the space to be inspired. I’ll try to put the phone, shut down the computer, and be open – but let’s see how far I get Claire LaurenConrad.com collaborator

10. conquering all to save money Thing
Why is saving money is so difficult? I have always been proud to have great self-control. I am extremely frugal; I do not own a single credit card or have any debt. And yet, my ability to reserve money for the near future is non-existent, which is increasingly stress inducing older I get. My 2016 resolution is to redesign my retirement fund plan and master a savings method that will give a long term and successful outcome of that place so-occasional insomnia cure “what the hell am I’m doing with my life” night. Anna LaurenConrad.com collaborator

And there you have it!

What resolutions set out to achieve this year?

Let us know in the comments!



Photos: Instagram through @allison_norton

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