Truman Set Harrys Low Cost Shaving Kit

Harry Truman Set is a shaving kit includes low cost gel foaming shaving razor handle one, and three blade cartridges. Is it worth the price? Let’s see today in our Harry Truman Set examination.

What is Harry?

Harry, also known as HF Global, Inc., is a healthcare company that promises men razors provide high quality at an affordable price.

Truman set the company is one of the most popular choices. Priced at $ 15, the set contains a kit Basic razor with a razor, cartridges, lathering and shaving gel.

Harry claims the products are “designed and formulated for a shave quality.” In addition to the set of Truman, Harry sells a higher priced kit called the Joint Winston for $ 25 can also buy individual sheets of Harry for $ 2 or less.

The company sells its products online. However, it has also recently launched a hairdresser and a retail store in New York City, where customers can come for a shave or buying products Harry.

The difference between Harry and other sheets razor is that Harry is the only company to manufacture its own blades and sell directly to consumers. The company promises that this leads to high quality films at a low price.

In another to make their own shovels, Harry actually bought a manufacturing plant centennial razor blade in Germany. Today, you can buy these leaves directly from the company online or in the barbershop of the company in Soho, New York.

What is the set of Truman?

The set of Truman is one of the two main products offered by Harry. It includes four separate products are needed to razor . The products are delivered in a compact cardboard box.

Each box includes:

  • 1 Foaming Shave Gel (4.0 oz)
  • 1 Truman razor handle
  • 3 Engineered cartridges German knives
  • 1 trip cover sheet

the set promises to have “everything you need to start with Harry” while offering a “great shave at a fair price.”

can purchase the razor in three colors, including total Orange, Blue Nautilus, olive green and 107 (green).

Free shipping is available on all orders over $ 10. The company sells its products throughout the United States and Canada. You can buy the products online or in the store (in New York).

About Harry manufacturing process

Harry designs and manufactures its own razor blades. About US page company: “. A process of discerning and only the best building materials” [] states that use

Despite the high level of quality, claims Harry who sells his paddles at half the cost of most leading companies. Harry blades are priced at around $ 2, while other sheets are priced at around $ 4

This is how Harry explains its high quality and low cost

“by selling directly to you online, we are able to shave off the excess and give a good shave at an affordable price to every Tom, Dick and … (sorry, we could not help ourselves) . ”

Harry manufactures its blades at a factory in Germany. In fact, they claim to be the only brand in the world that makes razor blades and sends them directly to consumers.

Although Harry is a relatively new company, claim that the German factory has been manufacturing razor blades high quality since 1920. The team of over 400 engineers and specialists blade produces millions each year.

About HF Global Inc.

HF Global Inc. is a company based in New York City.

In 2015, the company announced a series C financing total outstanding of $ 75.6 million, bringing the total amount of the company increased to $ 287.1 million.

Having been founded in 2012, the company launched its online store, your only barbershop in Soho, and an online magazine called five (like the shadow 5:00 -? Get it)


Harry announced plans to use the financing round to increase production capacity and expand its German centenarian factory. previous funding had been used for the purchase of the former German factory.

You can contact the Harry [email protected] emailing or calling 888-212-6855.

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