True Nopal Cactus Water – Natural Sugarless Prickly Pear Drink?

True Nopal water is a product that is developed from specific breeds cactus in the desert of Sonora, which have proven medicinal and nutritional benefits. This is our opinion.

What is true Nopal water?

Drinking enough water on a daily basis is the best way you can take care of your body. You need to maintain a certain level of moisture to keep your circulatory system work, along with his digestive system and many other parts of your body. You may think that your standard bottled water is the only way to do this, but it’s true nopal, have not taken the cactus natural waters available to create its own line of pure water cactus .

True Nopal water is refreshing and fruity, but the best part is that it is completely natural. While living in a very dry climate, people living in the Sonoran Desert reliable to have constant access to water for hydration and medicinal treatment method is needed. It was his understanding that the Nopal was critical to their survival , in ancient times. With advances in technology and the current crop, access to this water it is very easy to achieve.

True Nopal water, is no added sugar, preservatives, GMOs, or gluten. In essence, it is a great way to get electrolytes and antioxidants in your system, and is completely vegetarian secure . Although it does not have any sugars or sweeteners added to the water, have no natural sugars, which is the amount that companies put in coconut water. It also has half the calories of coconut water.

By using products that are naturally sweetened and sustainable, contributing to the environment as you pursue a healthy and active lifestyle. From True Nopal water uses no animal products or product to make these drinks, which is receiving only natural flavors that emitted cactus fruit.

Efforts true Nopal water conservation

True Nopal water continually strives to preserve the environment by seeking sustainable resources to extract the water. This type of cactus is specific to the deserts of North America, which are already water shortages. It is true Nopal ensures participate in the advance planning, which makes it possible to keep the desert landscape and still collect enough water desert to distribute to consumers. It is true Nopal these sources of water from cactus in Sonora, Chihuahua and Mohave deserts.

The company also strives to inform consumers of the best way to preserve the ecosystem of the desert, keeping their packaging and environmentally safe products. It is true Nopal Tetra Pak uses for your packaging needs, which is a company that manufactures cardboard boxes are recyclable. Furthermore, although the cartons are recyclable, they still have sufficient to maintain freshness, quality and safety of drinking protection.

packaging blocks off ultraviolet light, which can inhibit the nutritional value of the beverage over time. The material is to eliminate the possibilities of consumers, taking into toxins from BPA free material. It is true Nopal recommend visiting for more information on conservation efforts Tetra Pak.

The benefits of true Nopal water

At this point, you probably understand the significant advantage that the True Nopal Water has any other kind of water. Besides the lack of sugars and natural collection, you also get the benefit of antioxidants that occur naturally in cactus.

Antioxidants are essential to maintaining the health of your body. By consuming this water on a regular basis, you can help remove and protect themselves from toxins that are normally consumed in artificial or synthetic foods. These toxins can build up in your body to eventually cause problems in the digestive system or worse. However, the properties of water cactus can help counteract the effects.

In addition, the betalain including antioxidants help fight inflammation, which is often the root of other problems in your body. This product includes the natural presence of potassium, essential minerals, vitamins and others.

Shopping Nopal real products

If you want to bring you these delicious home waters itself, you have two options – buy online or at a local store. The headquarters is located in Arizona, but there are shops and shops selling real water Nopal cactus across the country.

If you want to buy the product, you are redirected the online store company. You will be able to choose between two different sizes. 16.9-ounce container is available for $ 38.12, and the website does not indicate whether a package of containers or simply the individual container is obtained. However, there are many opinions in the product include both satisfied consumers who enjoy the taste and benefits.

Contact real Nopal water

True Nopal is active in social networks, making it easy for consumers to follow along with the company for updates and news about latest products. You can follow their profiles on Twitter ( ), Facebook ( ), or Instagram ( http : // )

If you want to contact the company directly, the best option is to fill the online form for inquiries.. However, you can also contact them via personal email or phone. Your phone number is 480-636-8044, which connects to your Scottsdale office. To email the company with a query that is not urgent, send your message to [email protected]


The best part about True Nopal Water is the wealth of nutritional benefits you receive, but without adding anything to the recipe. All nutritional benefits of this water are natural, which means you have to reap the benefits of pure water cactus.

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