True Fruits – All-Natural Smoothies With No Tricks

true fruits is a line of shakes colors produced by a German company. The shakes promise to provide a wide range of health benefits in a convenient glass bottle. here is our true opinion fruits.

What is certain fruits?

true fruits is a German company that makes beating a diverse range of smoothies colors – including “yellow”, “purple” and “rose”. Whether you are looking for green fruit smoothies or milkshakes, real fruits undertakes to use anything but “real fruit” to provide powerful health benefits .

The company, like all good companies shakes, emphasizes “the passion about the industry, the quality of additives” and “true fruits – No tricks.”

What exactly true fruits when it says it uses “true fruits”? This is how the company explains its ingredients shakes:

“We wanted a natural, valuable real fruit – no tricks, so not concentrated dyes, added sugars, stabilizers or other debris. unnatural “


not only that, but true fruits you agree to use the best fruits. That’s something the company soon realized it was much harder than I thought. There are over 1000 different varieties of mango, for example.

“We tried a lot of them, but not all. After many tests, the Indian mango was our favorite.”

With these principles in mind, let’s take a closer look at the fruit smoothies offered by the company.

real fruit smoothies

The names of their real fruits shakes after the colors within those shakes. Here is a brief description of each shake sold by the company.

Fruit Smoothies

– yellow: This smoothie contains a mixture of mango and passion fruit, which includes a pressed orange, pressed apple, banana puree, mango puree and fruit passion puree

. – purple :. Purple smoothie contains a variety of mixed berries, including apples, bananas pressed puree, and pressed along orange with crushed raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, red currants, black currants and

– orange :. In the orange, you will find a mixture of mango, acerola, and turmeric along with yuzu, wolfberry, banana, apple and

– rose :. It is a mixture of pressed apples, soursop mashed banana, mashed, pureed fruits and pink dragon

– white :. A mixture of apples, banana puree pressed, cupuaçu puree, vanilla and a pinch of

The above milkshakes are available in normal varieties or in a variety of “triple” with three times the size of the portion. Triple size shakes are labeled with names like Triple yellow, purple triple, triple orange, etc.

green smoothies

– green smoothie. No. 1: A mixture of spinach, kale, and matcha with pears, apples and other fruits and vegetables

– green smoothie no. 2:. A mixture of rocket (ie, Arugula), mint and Chlorella

– green smoothie no. 3: Contains a mixture of beet, celery, and Granada with pears, grapes and ginger

Yes, the company loves to use no capital letters in the names of their products..

Each shake comes in a glass bottle. The company claims that the use of glass due to its insertion, so it has no chemical effect on the content. Glass is also easy to recycle widely. and not contain any “hormone-like substances”. Basically, the company believes that the glass leads to an experience of fruit smoothie drink more refined.

About true fruits

true fruits was founded by three friends in 2006. The company is a juice company by its owners based in Bonn, Germany.

A company Us page , you can discover the team behind their smoothies and drinks.

true fruits also remains active Instagram options and Facebook account where you can receive daily updates (many of which are in German) on healthy ingredients and nutritional advice.

true fruits is based on the following address:

Auguststraße 1
D-53229 Bonn

You can contact the company by phone at +49 (0 ) 228 3873-30 or by email form here .

Where to buy Fruit Smoothies true

real fruit smoothies contain the actual 100% juice, no preservatives, additives or other unwanted ingredients. They are simply pure fruit smoothies.

The fruit smoothies are available in bottles of distinctive glass in an increasing number of supermarkets across Europe, including supermarkets and service stations in Germany, Australia, and Switzerland:

you can find the shakes “… in well-stocked grocery stores in Germany (eg. Rewe, Edeka, Tegut, Kaiser, etc.), in some specialty stores (eg. Karstadt, Kaufhof) and at petrol stations (for example. Aral, Total). in Austria, which are available at Meinl am Graben and Switzerland in Globus and Jelmoli. “he explains the company.

shakes true are not cheap -. But the company likes to remind customers that are paying a higher price for higher quality and better health in general

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