Tripping: 5 Holiday Travel Hacks

Tripping: 5 Holiday Travel Hacks
is no wonder that the holiday season is one of the most intense moments of travel. Traveling near or far is a reality for many of us during this time of year, and sometimes need a car, plane or train to get there! Although I will say that I traveling in a science, it can still be a stressful process trying to organize your suitcase, navigate busy terminals, and reach their destination without any broken Christmas gifts.

To help relieve anxiety pre-trip, I have compiled a list of the five cuts travel tried and true vacation. From their liquid seal to combat jet lag bothers, I am sharing practical travel cuts that can be used throughout the year. Let’s start …

1. Liquids have in the bag

Have you ever trust your liquid sealed only to unpack and found in a pool? Trust me when I say that he has gone to the best of us. One way to ensure that liquids are kept free of leaks is to unscrew the lid, place plastic wrap over the opening of the bottle, and then replace the cover and screw firmly. Once you’ve done this, place the liquid in a reusable storage as my favorite of Blue Avocado . His (re) zip trip Quart storage bag is the perfect size, and it is expandable to meet your travel needs.

2. Roll ‘Em Up

Believe it or not can save packing space by rolling your clothes instead of folding them. This not only allows you to cover more in your suitcase, but also prevents clothes from wrinkling. For even more space, seal the bag using vacuum and remove excess air.

3. A lover of beauty Tested, approved by the TSA

Packing light has never been my forte, especially when it comes to beauty essentials. When it comes to hair products, skin care and makeup, I like to make sure all my bases are covered. But I’ve found the secret to staying intentional about my beauty products overpack. And it comes in the form of isolation and cosmetic support travel . Do not let yourself go through security without it! XO (eco) beauty kit avocado blue is a must for all my beauty gurus out there trip.

4. Hold off Jet Lag

The jet lag is something all travelers know and loathe. The best ways to combat jet lag and stay in optimal conditions to stay hydrated , tries to maintain a normal sleep cycle (even if it is sold out!), And adjust their habits before making the trip. While still likely to experience at least a little jet-lag, these tips have helped me countless times and really make the adjustment much easier. Click here for even more Tips to combat jet lag .

5. What separates

Keep your dirty clothes and shoes separate clean ones. There are few things worse than their dirty shoes rub against the clothes clean, especially when a washing machine is not always an option. Totalizer The Blue Shoe avocado is my favorite way to preserve both shoes and clothing when I’m on the way to my destination. Not only is this tote shoe easy to clean, the interior is made of fleece shining shoes while going. Now that’s pretty neat!

What are some of your favorite travel tips?

I’d love to hear some new tricks and tips in the comments!

XO Lauren


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