TRAINING: 20 Rules To A Beteer Physique

1. Use compound exercises: Using multi-joint movements such as the bench press, pull-ups, rows, shoulder presses, squats and leg presses in their routines will ensure you’re hitting more than one muscle with the maximum weight. This will help you be efficient in the gym.

2. Rest one to two minutes between sets :. This will allow you to maximize not only their time but also the pump, keeping muscles full of hot blood and properly during training

3. Use a weight you can handle Make sure you are using a weight that has control of. Do not load the bar with so much weight that his training partner is helping in the first iteration.

4. Use proper form: Be sure to use good form for each lift not only for security but for their training function. If you just throw weights around will not target the specific muscle.

5. For most of the time use a rep range of 6 to 12: This is the range normally used if muscle mass is what you are after, but the force will also


6. Try to low reps occasionally: Occasionally try a rep range of 4-6 or even throw some singles, doubles and triples there to mix things up. But remember to use good form.

7. Try to high reps occasionally: high repetitions can sometimes launch a body part late. Maybe try a high set or two repetitions at the end of a series of joint. Go as high as 20, 30, or even 50!

8. Train more frequently: For about four weeks or so to train each body part twice a week instead of the usual once. You may need to reduce the volume a bit, but the change is welcome.

9. Training less frequently: The same is true for those train each body part twice a week. Cut once a week and occasionally double the volume.

10. Try doing drop sets of stubborn body parts: Sometimes, all you need is a kick in the rear of a given area to work again. Perform a set as you normally would do, then peel some weight and continue their repetitions and can take the weight off several times before the muscle is toast!

11. Use antagonistic supersets: This is the old technique used quite frequently Arnold. superset chest with his back, triceps biceps, quadriceps and hamstrings with. For example; Not only it saves time, but will have a pump-torn skin!

12. Once a month do a session of all negative exercises: reap the benefits of this technique by intense use of negative training safe, but effective. Get your partner helps you with a weight you normally can not do many repetitions and then slowly lower the weight to resist the negative movement. Be sure to use an observer, but if not available use unilateral moves, such as preacher curls with one arm, leg press with one leg and shoulder press machine.

13. Rest / pause for large elevators: This technique is ideal for the “big” lifts such as bench press (all angles), leg presses , shoulder presses, and pushups. Load a bar with a little more weight you can handle for its normal range of repetitions. Perform a set of 2 to 4 repetitions and then accumulate the weight for 5 to 15 seconds. Perform 2-4 repetitions and build up again. Again and go. One or two series of this type is all you need for a particular movement. A Smith machine can be your best friend in times like this.

14. Use sparingly forced repetitions: is fine to use forced in the last couple of reps of your last set reps, but try not to try them in every single set the countless repetitions. Lift a weight you can handle with good form then after the failure has met his partner a little help with one or two more reps.

15. Fight through weaknesses with supersets compounds: A compound superset is when two sets are done back to back with different movements but by the same body part. This is a brutal way to “wake up” more muscle fibers to react.

16. Use these techniques sparingly intensity: The last thing you want to do is run in the state of overtraining. Use once a week and one at a time.

17. Hydrate: Drink plenty of water while training. We lose a huge amount of fluid during training and should be replaced if building a better physique is our goal.

18. Set a time limit: Some days you may feel like you drag in the gym. Try to get all your training in say an hour. This will prevent the excessive waiting time and more productivity during training.

19. Simplifying :. If you are using every technique in the book, climbing back and make sets of compound elevators make it easy for a few weeks

20. Takeoff: Sometimes what everyone needs is a bit of well-deserved break away from the gym to help recharge our “batteries”. After a few days away you will be ready to return to it with a new attitude and muscle pump!

Written by: Brad Borland, MA, CSCS

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