Top safe exercises for hiatal hernia: 7 best choices

hiatal hernia is a condition in which a portion of the stomach slides up into the esophagus through your muscles the diaphragm is torn or stretched. It can cause discomfort and occasionally is related to acid reflux disease. Large hernias often require surgery, but smaller ones may go unnoticed. While a hernia can appear under many conditions, life choices and certain exercises you can seriously reduce the risks of developing one. In this article, will show you the best exercises for hiatal hernia: 16 safe exercises for hiatal hernia you should follow. The letter contains a list of exercises from reliable sources. However, it is not intended to give medical advice and is solely for informational purposes. Keep reading this paper to learn these 16 exercises safe for hiatal hernia in more detail!

Top 16 Safe Exercises for hiatal hernia that should follow

1. Try crunches Mini

exercises for hiatal hernia - try mini crunches

This is one of the safe exercises for hiatal hernia should give it a try! This helps strengthen the walls of the abdominal muscles. If you do not like regular exercise, try mini crunches:


  • First, lie down in the lower floor with the feet and knees bent head.
  • Now, bend your torso to 30 degrees and tighten your abdominal muscles. Must maintain this position briefly and slowly lower back to the original position.
  • should do 1 set of 15 repetitions; then gradually increase to 3 sets.

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2. Drink warm water and after exercise

exercises for hiatal hernia - drink warm water and follow exercise

sounds strange, but drinking warm water as the first thing in the early morning and then do the following exercise is considered as a great way to help reduce a hernia hiatal gap in the diaphragm.


  • First, drink 1 glass of slightly warm water as soon as you wake up in order to help relax the muscles of the diaphragm and stomach and put on a pair of weights in her stomach.
  • Then stand up, raise your arms straight sides and then bend your elbows so your hands can touch the chest. This helps to stretch the diaphragm and open your hiatus.
  • Then lift the toes up as high as you can and quickly fall back on his heels. Follow this process for a few times in a row to make the weight of the hot water pull your stomach down.
  • Now, standing with arms up and take some quick and short with an open mouth for 15 seconds breaths. This helps tighten the diaphragm and close the hole.

However, remember that you should not drink tea, coffee, juice and cold water in the morning.

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3. Perform lifting inclined legs

exercises for hiatal hernia - perform inclined leg lifts

Indeed, a weak area as his abdominal wall may lead to a protrusion of the intestines or organ. Therefore, you should do exercises to help strengthen the body part in which a hiatal hernia occurs. inclined lifting legs can be a wonderful place to start. Here is how to perform this exercise:


  • First, lie down with your feet higher than head.
  • Then, slowly lift your legs 35.6 cm (14 inches) or 30 to 45 degrees. For additional strength, you should do this exercise with a partner who can apply a light pressure on the legs when lifted up and slightly apart.
  • You should keep this position for several seconds and return to the original position. Start with 5 repetitions and then increase to 10.

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4. massaging the abdominal area

exercises for hiatal hernia - massage your abdominal area

One other safe exercises for hiatal hernia is self-massage your abdominal area. You must focus primarily on its uppermost part of the stomach cavity. This will help reduce the discomfort and symptoms of hiatal hernia. It also helps to strengthen stomach muscles.


  • At first, are in the back and then relax.
  • Then put your fingers under your sternum, where you can find the ribcage.
  • Then, downward pressure is placed and then slowly move toward the navel.
  • should repeat this for about 5 minutes.
  • Follow this one night and massage for 2 times a day, once in the early morning.

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5. The exercise bike inclined

exercises for hiatal hernia - the inclined cycling exercise

When suffering from a hiatal hernia, it is highly recommended to avoid doing exercises or activities that relate to heavy lifting, pushing or pulling as this can worsen your condition. Therefore, this exercise is a good choice for you to try. Here is how to do it:


  • Initially, lie down with your feet higher than the head with hands on the sides.
  • Then bend your hips and lift your knees over your body.
  • Now, using your legs, start with a movement of the bicycle. When you feel a burning sensation in the abdomen, stop doing this exercise.

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6. Yoga

exercises for hiatal hernia - yoga

are you looking for safe exercises for hiatal hernia, do not forget yoga. It can relieve pain and reduce discomfort caused by a hiatal hernia.


  • First, stand with your back straight and arms perpendicular to the floor. Keeping the feet hip width.
  • Now, raise your arms straight above the head.
  • Then bend the body forward at an angle of 45 degrees, bringing your chest toward the thighs. You must keep your arms straight, aligned with the back, and turn the palms toward the ground.
  • After that, gently bend your knees as if you were sitting in a chair.
  • Then press the weight to the ground and look forward. Now, hold the position for several seconds, take some deep breaths.
  • Now press the shoulder blades to the back, lower the tailbone toward the floor and draw in the abdomen. Hold for about 30 seconds and remember to focus on your breathing.
  • Slowly straighten up.
  • must repeat the cycle several times.

However, remember that you should not perform yoga postures that always puts pressure on the abdomen, for example, the bow, the cobra, and the Bridge Pose.

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7. Walking

exercises for hiatal hernia - walk

If you are looking for safe exercises for hiatal hernia, you should try to walk. It strengthens both upper and lower abdomen and the pelvic floor. Just to walk about 45 to 60 minutes per day at a fast pace, although not have to do everything at once! You can walk, even for 10 minutes per hour may also be effective and very relaxing.

Or, you can also consider making small adjustments, such as parking away from any entrance, taking their lunch to a park and walk in order to get an appetite, or take the dog for a walk in the morning .

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8. Pillow Squeezes

exercises for hiatal hernia - pillow squeezes

Indeed, pillow grips are another great exercise in the list of the 16 best exercises for insurance hiatal hernia. You can make stronger your abdomen without using any expensive equipment. Here’s how to do this exercise:


  • Initially, lie down with your feet higher than the head and knees bent. Then a pillow between your knees and keep it standing.
  • Now, start by inhalation. When you exhale, squeeze the pillow thigh muscles. However, make sure that you do not tilt your pelvis. After exhaling, keeping thigh muscles relaxed.
  • Start with 1 set of 10 repetitions and then gradually raise it to 3 sets.

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9. exercises in the pool

exercises for hiatal hernia - pool exercises

exercises in the pool are among the safe exercises for hiatal hernia that should not be passed. Exercising in water is added to the resistance and make it a little difficult to balance. This also helps in strengthening your abdominal area. If you can get into a pool, you should consider doing these exercises:


  • Initially time, walking in the water for three to five laps of the pool.
  • After that, do 30 repetitions of hip adduction and abduction, flexion and extension.
  • Finally, do 30 repetitions of half squat.

10. Chair Pose

exercises for hiatal hernia-chair pose

Certain exercises and changes lifestyle can help control a hiatal hernia. Click To Tweet pose chair is one of the best exercises for hiatal hernia . It is performed while standing with arms perpendicular to the floor. First, move your arms above your head and press your palms together. Then exhale and bend your knees, pushing them out on his feet. Its goal is to bring the thighs as close to parallel with the ground as possible. After that, press your shoulder blades back and down to the coccyx on the floor of the direction. Hold for 30 seconds at least before righting

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11. Cow Pose

exercises for hiatal hernia-cow pose

This cow pose acts on the torso and neck region as well. Also, abdomen and spine massaged. Here are the detailed instructions:

  1. First, bring your knees and hands in a board position. Knees had better be bought below the hips and elbows and wrists must be online.
  2. The best head is brought into a neutral position. Keep your eyes to the ground.
  3. When lifting, bring your chest toward the ceiling. The belly had better sink into the ground.
  4. Then lift your head and look forward.
  5. Subsequently, exhale, and as you do that, take the position table on hands and knees. You should do this for about 10 to 20 times.

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12. Side Bends

exercises for hiatal hernia-side bends

Here they are step by step guides for you to do this exercise:

  1. standing with your back straight. The feet have to be adjusted slightly apart.
  2. Next keeping the right arm to the side, and then lift the left arm upward.
  3. After that bend toward the right side, ensuring that it is not bending backward or forward in the process.
  4. Later they stay in that position for several seconds, then return to the first position.
  5. repeats the same keeping his right arm raised straight up and left arm to the side.
  6. Do twenty repetitions on each side.
  7. can also perform this exercise with weights.

13. Stretches hip extension

exercises for hiatal hernia-hip extension stretches

Not yet hip extension many exercises that you can try. This is, if not the best.

  1. To do this exercise, all you need do is lying on the side and keep your back straight and knees.
  2. Then take the legs sideways. Knees were best kept straight.
  3. After that, take one leg up, holding the other down.
  4. Hold for three seconds and then bring the leg down.
  5. must repeat 10 times and then do with the other leg.

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14. While doing exercise tasks

exercises for hiatal hernia-exercise while doing chores

simply can change the daily routine to increase the amount of exercise. Half an hour of daily physical activity will gain a lot of health benefits. Stay off the television and couch and get moving. It works like choosing to park farther from the store so you must walk through this park can add and improve health. Other changes include:

  • You can take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Or walk the dog longer.
  • Or, do housework more than occasionally, such as dusting or vacuuming.

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15. Strengthening the diaphragm

exercises for hiatal hernia-strengthening the diaphragm

generally, a strong diaphragm can prevent stomach invade and reduce the risk of hiatal hernia. A simple and easy breathing exercise can be done as lying on your back with a pillow under the head and below the knees. First, he puts a hand on the upper chest and side by side below the rib cage and then inhale slowly through your nose. His hand on the rib cage had better move with the stomach while his hand on his chest stays still. Tighten your stomach muscles while exhaling through your mouth, again keeping his hand on the still chest.

16. Strengthening the stomach muscles

exercises for hiatal hernia-strengthening stomach muscles

Promote stomach muscles can help decrease the chance of hiatal hernia. A simple exercise that does not need any equipment can be done by lying on your back and bend your knees so your feet touch the ground. Raise the lower back and buttocks coming off the ground so only the feet and shoulders are on the floor. Hold for a few seconds and then lower back to earth. You must repeat the movement ten times a day. As the first attempt this exercise, you may feel some tightness in my stomach when muscles contract.

Additional tip:

  1. When you’re standing, just bear arms sideways and simply bend your elbows in a way that hands touch your chest region.
  2. stopped at the toes and just drop down. This should be a decent shake. You can fall down like this a few times.
  3. when you’re standing with arms into the air, so it’s possible to breathe a couple of short breaths with your mouth open. Hold for 15 seconds.

To learn more about effective and simple exercises for health problems, go to our home page Home Fitness . After reading the article of the best exercises for insurance hiatal hernia 7 best options, I hope you learn some exercises for hiatal hernia. If you have any questions, or if you want to meet other exercises for hiatal hernia, please leave then I will respond as soon as possible. You can also share the experience if you know of any other exercise for us hiatal hernia.

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