Top Home Remedies for Lice

Lice are gross! Plus, they are stubborn. Ditch your harsh chemical treatments and get rid of the infestation at home.

Lice are the worst kind of infestation. They are tiny, quick, and extremely stubborn, requiring constant vigil and care. However, they spread in seconds from one head to the next, and you can never be totally immune to a lice attack in your lifetime!

Most people make a dash to the chemist and come back with lice-killing shampoos and combs to clear their own or their children’s infested hair. However, these treatments are also not fool-proof and they often damage the hair and scalp with their barrage of harsh chemicals. It is possible to treat the infestation at home, provided you are ready for at least three weeks of constant vigilance and care. Before you begin, however, arm yourself with a good lice comb.

Top Home Remedies for Lice



Here’s how you treat the problem at home:

  1. Lemon juice, for starters. Lice can pass from head to head so quickly that entire classrooms and homes can get infested in a single day. When you notice lice in your own hair or someone else’s, make sure that you stay away from others. Next, study the problem in a mirror or under a yellow light – if you notice a lot of nits on the hair, it means that there are many lice already crawling all over your head. You will need a lice comb that is fine enough to even comb out nits. Remember, simply killing off the lice and leaving the nits on the hair will not solve the problem. Squeeze an entire lemon or two (depending on the length of your hair) and apply it using a cotton ball all over your scalp. Wait for it to dry before you wash it off with a lice-killing shampoo. The acidic lemon juice will stun the lice and make it easier for you to remove them.
  2. Vinegar and olive oil. Try this remedy: take half a cup of vinegar, a teaspoon of table salt, and two tablespoon of a heavy oil such as olive oil, and mix them together. Apply this mixture all over your hair, coating each hair and also the scalp. Cover your head with a towel and wait for two hours. After this, wash off the hair with a strong lice shampoo. The vinegar and salt weaken the lice, while the olive oil will suffocate them. After the wash, detangle the hair and immediately comb out each strand with a lice comb till it comes out clear. Lice must be combed out immediately after a wash, don’t wait for the hair to dry.
  3. Camphor and eucalyptus oil. The trick is to use ingredients that will loosen the nits from the hair and also stun the adult lice. Take five tablespoons of eucalyptus oil (or more if you have longer hair) and add four to five tablets of camphor to it. Heat the oil over a low flame, stirring constantly so that the camphor dissolves. While still warm, apply it all over the hair, coating each shaft. The oil separates the nits from the hair, while the camphor knocks out the lice. Comb out the hair after 45 minutes.
  4. Steam your hair. Steaming the hair with a vaporiser will suffocate the lice. Oil your hair liberally with olive oil, and add a dash of menthol oil to the water in your vaporiser. Now steam your head liberally for about 15 minutes, and then comb out the hair. Wash immediately with a lice shampoo and comb out the hair again.

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