Top 9 Beauty & Health Benefits Of Eating Eggs

Eggs are one of the most important ingredients for cooking. And it contains a lot of vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin B5, vitamin B12, vitamin B2, vitamin B6, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K and also includes calcium, zinc, folic acid, selenium , together with phosphorus and so on. With these nutrients, eggs will bring many benefits. You wondering to know? If “yes”, please continue reading this article on our website , which will give you the Top 9 beauty and health benefits of eating eggs. This article lists the best benefits of eating eggs from reliable sources. However, it is only for informational purposes and is not intended to give medical advice. Read this paper to understand more!

Top 9 beauty and health benefits of eating eggs

These are the 9 beauty and health benefits of eating eggs every day, what may surprise you to many.

1. Lose weight

benefits of eating eggs - lose weight

is you surprised that eggs can help you lose weight? As usual, many people believe that eggs are “unhealthy” or “fattening”. However, a study by the Rochester Center for Obesity Research showed the opposite view. They showed that having breakfast with eggs can help limit the amount of calorie intake throughout the day. Or in other words, if you eat eggs regularly, you will miss at least three pounds per month.

The reason why eggs help to lose weight is that eggs can keep you full for a long time. Click to Tweet That means it is less likely to present a feast midmorning or stuff yourself at lunchtime. Although eggs are said to contain a large amount of cholesterol, this is called “dietary cholesterol”, which is different from the blood cholesterol in the body. Despite the latest health recommendations, there is no evidence that when eating eggs, as well as increasing levels of blood cholesterol.

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2. Raise healthy eyesight

benefits of eating eggs - boost healthy eyesight

When we talk about the benefits of eating eggs, we can not forget this. Eggs can help boost your eyesight and are healthier due to vitamin A and vitamin B2 inside.

Alternatively lutein and zeaxanthin can prevent macular degeneration. It is a eyes condition which is why leading causing age-related blindness.

3. Reduced risk of heart disease

benefits of eating eggs - lower risk of heart disease

Another benefit of eating eggs is to reduce the risk of heart disease . Choline and Betaine in eggs are able to help break the amino acid called homocysteine. And this amino acid has a relationship with the development of heart disease.

so eat eggs every day can help you stay away from the doctor. You can cook eggs with lots of other ingredients.

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4. To help deal with the problem of Iron

benefits of eating eggs - help to deal with iron problem

Dealing with the problem of iron is also the benefits of eating eggs. As you know the lack of iron will cause fatigue, irritability, and headache . In addition, iron plays an important role in carrying blood oxygen. Also plays an important role in energy metabolism, immunity, along with a host of other functions in the body.

That’s why you should consume eggs. The iron in egg yolks is the form of heme iron. Many people say that this form of iron is the most absorbable. So when you eat eggs, you can absorb iron more effectively than other forms of iron supplements manner.

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5. The promotion of brain health

benefits of eating eggs - promote the brain health

Another benefit that should be mentioned is to promote brain health. Because of the hill, which is capable of developing brain of the fetus and newborn. In addition, you can develop the memory function of the elderly. And as you can see eggs include a lot of hill. Taking an egg every day will provide 28% of choline needs of a pregnant woman.

Choline is also important during lactation, along with pregnancy. Meanwhile, it is important for fetal brain development period and can improve the memory of a lifetime. In experiments with rats, the memory function in the young rat was partially decided by what the mother rat had eaten. Therefore, there is a clear message that mothers should eat eggs regularly so that their children can have good brains.

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6. Promote healthy nails and hair

benefits of eating eggs - promote healthy nails and hair

Why do people say that when you have problems with your hair and nails, just eat eggs? Hair and nails reflect many of the deficiencies and biochemical imbalances in your body. And eggs are able to help promote healthy nails and hair due to its high content of sulfur amino acids including a large amount of vitamins and minerals.

As a report, a lot of people say that when the eggs are added to your diet every day, your hair is growing faster, especially in the past are lack of food, including vitamin A, vitamin B12 and zinc.

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7. Protect your bones

benefits of eating eggs - protect your bones

When we talk about the benefits of eating eggs, you should know this too. Eggs are able to protect their bones. Why? The reason is vitamin D in eggs. In addition to sunlight, eggs are considered as the natural source of this vitamin. And as you can see, Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption, and to maintain healthy bones optimally. Therefore, in order to prevent osteoporosis, eggs is recommended for use with dairy products such as milk, cheese, etc., which is the main source of calcium.

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8. Reduce the risk of cancer

benefits of eating eggs - reduce the risk of cancer

One of the benefits of eating eggs is to reduce the risk of cancer. It is said that eggs are one of the wonderful sources of a lot of nutrients including choline. An investigation showed that women consume a lot of hill had less chance of getting cancer than others. In fact, with the large amount of choline, which were less than 24 percent for breast cancer.

so eat eggs regularly will help reduce the risk of cancer. And pay attention to the hill is found mostly in the egg yolks.

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9. Increase antioxidant activity

benefits of eating eggs - increase antioxidant activity

seems that any food with antioxidant capacity can be considered healthy. However, many people forget that eggs include various antioxidants; for example, lutein, zeaxanthin as well as vitamin A. In addition, each antioxidant has its own use. Vitamin A can function as an antioxidant in some area of ​​your body, especially lutein and zeaxanthin, can work to protect your eyes.

Moreover, antioxidants may find free radicals, along with the neutralization of these dangerous particles before they are able to cause oxidative stress in the body organs that can lead to cancer, as well as heart disease.

also cook eggs alone, you can use eggs to make other food as some recipes below:

  • Here is the recipe for egg and chips. Now, first, to prepare these things: potatoes into cubes 500 g, 2 sliced ​​shallots, a tablespoon of olive oil, a teaspoon of fresh leaves, small mushrooms 200g and 4 eggs. Then heat the oven to 180C / 200C gas and / fan. Meanwhile, mix all ingredients except mushrooms and eggs in a large nonstick tin roasting. Put the pan in the oven and bake for 40-45 minutes. After that, add mushrooms to the mix. Continue cooking about 10 minutes. Next make 4 gaps in the plant and break the eggs and put in each blank. Finally, put it in the oven again and cook until eggs are well done.
  • This is the recipe that you can follow to make spaghetti carbonara. In order to make this food, you should prepare: 400g of spaghetti, 3 eggs, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, chopped 200 g bacon, 2 garlic cloves, 75 ml cream and grana padano 50g. Now let’s make this food. First, cook spaghetti for exhausting and cook the spaghetti in large skillet, deep salt water indoors and the following package directions. After that, heat the oil in a skillet. Then fry the bacon until it turns into gold and remove heat. Now is the time to make the sauce. Break the eggs and separate the yolks from the egg whites. Then beat the egg yolks with the cream and cheese with a little seasoning. Now mix all the preparation in a pan and add the garlic. fry until the garlic is cooked. While Drain the spaghetti. Finally, pour egg mixture, following bacon is hot, garlic, fat and oil spaghetti. Mix and enjoy.

Another recipe for cooking eggs should be followed. In order to do this, the better these things had to be prepared well. Here is the list of what you need to do: 10 eggs, 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large red onion, which should be cut into wedges, 3 chopped tomatoes, to be cut into large pieces, one black olive handful, and 100 grams feta cheese. These are the steps to follow. First, break the eggs and beat with salt, pepper and chopped parsley if desired. Second, heat the oil and fry the onion for 4 minutes. Then throw olives and tomatoes in the pan and continue cooking for 2 minutes until the tomatoes become softer. Then reduce the heat and pour in eggs. After that, stir until half cooked. Now put the pan under the grill about 5 minutes or until they turn golden. Finally, cut and enjoy your meal.

To learn more about the benefits of other ingredients, please go to our main Health Nutrition . After reading the article top 9 beauty and health benefits of eating eggs, hoping he can help you find the best benefits of eating eggs and some recipes that can be applied to cook eggs. However, the article is only for informative purposes; Therefore, you should consult your doctor in order to get advice. If you have any questions, or if you know other benefits of eating eggs, please leave them below.

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