Top 5 Sex Myths Busted!

Ours is the age and times characterized by instant access to everything. Each of our smartphones is a world in itself. No wonder that young people today are open and have exposure to information by hand. However, when it comes to sexual knowledge and understanding, most people do not reach the proper channels. Not all information available on the Internet is reliable or fact. Although expression of sexual desires or needs is now accepted as normal, the subject of sex is being discussed quietly by a majority in the country yet.

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Most sexologists believe that people are still reluctant to discuss their sexual problems or questions without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable due to lack of education initiatives and appropriate awareness. It is very important to be informed reason, when it comes to sexual matters. Here is the cleaning of influence. Find these commonly accepted notions burst.

1. Sex during menstruation can not make a pregnant woman

This is a myth that has been believed by 90 percent of people for a long time. However, in Delhi sexologists explain that this is completely false and although the chances of getting pregnant are lower than normal during the menstrual cycle, it is absolutely possible. Importantly, women who have menstrual cycles short durations are more vulnerable than sperm have the ability to survive inside the body for a couple of days.

2. For the first time sex does not make you pregnant

According sexologists, this is the most dangerous myth that people believe. It is a common assumption that the chances of getting a woman pregnant while having sex for the first time are almost impossible. However, research suggests that up to 20 percent of women are to conceive after their first sexual encounters.

3. toilet seats can spread sexually transmitted diseases

Sexologists clearly state that sexually transmitted diseases can be transmitted only through close skin or mouth resulting from touching, hugging or kissing. further explains that these infections and diseases not found in the urine of a person and also are not able to survive in the environment in general for a long duration. Therefore, your chance of getting a sexually transmitted disease from a toilet seat is null.

4. Emergency contraception causes abortion

These pills, generally known as “morning after pills are known largely to cause abortion effectively. However, gynecologists say that if these pills are consumed after you have become pregnant, have no effect at all. Because there is very little information available about pills that induce abortion and reducing the chances of pregnancy, a large majority of people who remain in the dark about this.

5. HPV vaccine makes you immune to cervical cancer

Although the HPV vaccine serves as an effective blocker for viruses lead to cervical cancer and genital warts, is not 100% efficient. the sexologists and gynecologists suggest that women who have been administered the vaccine are still at risk (albeit smaller) and should not prevent their Pap test routine.

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