Top 10 Naturally Cleansing Detox Herbs

by Vincent Winters May 17, 2016

From the beginning of the medicine, plants and herbs have served a variety of homeopathic purposes. Its uses range from cleaning organs and system recovery for the treatment of diseases and health conditions.

Modern life comes with a higher intake of toxins and harmful chemicals. But after periods of indulgence or nutrient deficiency, the body’s natural ability to heal itself and detoxify deteriorates.

Fortunately, there are several natural ways to detoxify the body. There is an amazing selection of plants and herbs, each with its own potential health benefits.

Now let’s explore 10 of the most effective herbs for healing, as well as interesting ways to work them into your healthy lifestyle!

1. Gum arabic / acacia

extracted from the sap of the Acacia tree of healing, especially for effective relief from diarrhea and the digestive alignment.

loose bowel movements caused
by diarrhea can lead to a loss of essential electrolytes, acacia helps relieve and restore the body.

gum arabic actually has a wide range of applications, such as the kitchen, which is excellent and thickener or binder for the mixture of herbs and spices together!

2. Dandelion

As an ancient herbal medicine, dandelion plant is widely used to treat a variety of diseases. It is often consumed as a tea that promotes hydration and bowel regularity, even helps with joint discomfort. Dandelion also has cleansing properties of significant liver and increases the production of bile.

In the spring, which could pass in front of hundreds of dandelions that are just perfect for picking. You can use the leaves for salads, or boiled for tea. If you are bringing your own, be sure to do your research, there are some harmful like!

3. Milk Thistle

The use of milk thistle for the elimination of body toxins back more than 2,000 years! It is another great cleanser of the liver, gallbladder supports, improves digestion and bile production.

Many now believe that milk thistle can reverse much of the damage caused by pollution, heavy metals and antibiotics. It is even used to promote the restoration of vital organs after alcoholism or chemotherapy.

4. black walnut

Presented for the first time the Europeans in the 1600s, this plant consists of three active agents: iodine, juglone and tannin. Each of these elements is especially effective health practices and natural wellness.

Iodine is commonly seen as an antiseptic, but is also an important mineral many life forms. It helps cleanse the body and preventing the growth of harmful organisms.

The agent juglone in the Black walnut provides a special defense mechanism. For us, that helps bacteria and fungi body fight.

Tannin has a bitter, dry flavor and is commonly used in wine and tea. Known as a natural polyphenol, it is also found in many plants, seeds, bark, wood, leaves and fruit skins.

5. Wormwood

You may have heard of wormwood as the key component in the production of absinthe. It has become the subject of much controversy, adored by the likes of Van Gogh. It was even banned in the United States for a period of time!

However, further research actually discovered the beneficial component of wormwood for health! It plays an important role in digestion by increasing our ability to fight worms and roundworms, two very harmful organisms!

Studies have also linked a great improvement in the quality of life of those suffering from Crohn’s disease. In fact, consumption of supplements of absinthe was much more effective than medication prescribed!

wormwood Try combining with other stimulants such as mint and ginger to create a powerful digestive healer.

6. Cilantro / Coriander

has been widely used in cooking before it even shown the benefits. including curries, sauces, salads and even simple dishes they use a pinch of cilantro for the favor.

The human body toxins and metals from processed foods, inhalation and so on accumulates. Cilantro contains important chemical compounds that bind to these toxic metals, removing them from the tissues.

cumin, coriander, fennel and combined as a powerful combination in Ayurvedic medicine. When he drank as a tea, it reduces water retention and clean the urinary tract.

You can even help you lose weight. Just be sure to avoid drinking before bedtime, otherwise, you will have to wake up to go to the bathroom!

7. Sheet alfalfa

refreshing and fortifying, used by herbalists for centuries to fight a variety of infections. Alfalfa is one of the richest sources of vital nutrients and a lot of vitamins: A, B1, B6, C, D, E, and abundant source of minerals K. calcium, phosphorus, niacin, biotin, folic acid , potassium, magnesium and zinc.

With a magnitude of vitamins, minerals and nutrients such potential health benefits are enormous. However, it has been seen as particularly effective in the fight against stomach ulcers and improve digestion.

The leaves and buds can be ground to make flour for baking, or just to use as they are in a salad.

8. Spearmint

peppermint is soothing and stimulating for both the stomach and throat. It provides great helper in the fight against colds and flu, relieving sore throats and irritation of sinuses. It has even been known to help those suffering from asthma when administered as an oil.

Drinking mint tea relieve digestive distress, or can chew to improve their oral health. Buy organic produce if possible, the pesticides found in some brands may slow the cleansing process. Also worth knowing that the quality of peppermint is determined by the rating of menthol.

9. Eucalyptus

Aborigines enjoyed first eucalyptus as a natural relaxant. Now we understand the great medical benefits as a cleaner lung; push the mucus and clear the airways.

This herb helps the body fight bacteria and virus attack. When it used as an ointment or rub the chest, which can help expel congestion and remains clear. It can even be consumed in tea for comfort.

10. Ortiga

This little stinger is well known for the unpleasant eruptions that occurs, however, when treated properly, can be of great service our vital organs. It has excellent antioxidant properties and ability to reduce inflammation, including reducing blood pressure to a normal level.

nettles consumption in tea is an effective way to benefit from this herb. Harvest the whole plant (without root) and simply boil in salted water for 1-2 minutes to remove the stinger. You can even make them a healthy soup!

If you are bringing any of these herbs and plants yourself, every day to ensure they are properly identified and an environment free of pesticides.

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