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makeup has been a tradition of beauty for much longer than many people realize. From the ancient Egyptians used kohl that around his eyes to the latest trends in the outline and bronzers, makeup has a deep and subtle story that can be tracked over time. However, recent decades saw a slight change in the trend makeup.

Since the early 90s, it seemed that the fun had disappeared makeup. From the Gothic is required heavy eye shadow and dark shades, the makeup was still a way women could express themselves, but it seemed fun was known in the 80s this market seriously lack makeup he went up in the 2000s, indicating another big change in the world of makeup.

However, not all companies makeup makeup wanted to be so serious. Some wanted to embrace the fun that had been synonymous with makeup, but while maintaining the quality of the core makeup intact. Too Faced was one of the pioneers of this movement. Founded by two people who were tired of seeing the makeup taken so seriously, Too Faced was created to give women makeup products they need, but also those who would like to have fun with.

Too Faced What?

Too Faced likes to describe itself as a serious makeup brand that knows how to have fun. In that short sentence, the whole basis on which was formed Too Faced can be clearly seen. Too Faced is all about creating cosmetic products that women will be excited to wear. However, this is not cutting corners or the use of harmful chemicals. Too Faced uses the best ingredients of the highest quality to create make that is both innovative and cruelty free time.

Too Faced embraces the concept that makeup is all about trying different looks and creating a basis of trust. However, the most serious makeup applications generally are balanced by the game and feminineness generally emanating from Too Faced.

The fact that makeup gives women the power to express themselves in their unique individual forms and gives them the confidence to great strides in the world with head held high has been a driving force Too Faced. Because the brand believes that makeup can be much more than add some glow to the skin, Too Faced believes it can boost mood and change the provisions, the company wants to offer the best of everything.

The best products, the best colors, offered to the best customers.

The founders of Too Faced

Too Faced was started by a couple of men who noticed the makeup industry was becoming entirely too seriously. Jerrod Blandino and Jeremy Johnson glamor and femininity was lost once it has been so closely associated with cosmetic products. And as they spoke to the women around them, they realized they had overlooked, too.

Johnson and decided to create a company Blandino make which was inspired by their mutual love of Paris. They wanted everything offered his new company to be feminine and glamorous, like the streets and runways of Paris. With this in mind, they began Too Faced, which began as a small cosmetics shop.

Over time, Too Faced has become a leader in the beauty industry. Johnson and Blandino have kept the company focus on innovation, fun and cosmetics that are cruelty free. Too Faced has become the latest craze among celebrities around the world, but the basis of the company always stay with customers every day and Blandino Johnson helped build the brand to what it is today.

Benefits Too Faced

While Too Faced is to inspire and encourage women to be their individual personalities, also relies heavily on the connection. Too Faced began through connections, especially those in the makeup counters. Everyone knows what makeup counters seem. They seem large and imposing. However, with Too Faced, makeup counter was the opportunity to connect with women and find out what they want from their Cosmetics products.

Arriving and interact directly with customers, Too Faced is able to offer a wide variety of benefits. These benefits include:

  • inspires confidence
  • encourage experimentation
  • providing guidance
  • Home unshakable conversations
  • listen carefully
  • Providing safe spaces for creativity
  • welcome all
  • support for fun, play, and dreams of women
  • Shedding light cosmetics
  • gratuity encouragement and support
  • support Experiences personal beauty
  • support for women, not trends
  • Celebration of women

in addition to these amazing benefits, offered by Too Faced products are of the highest quality. Using Too Faced offers customers the comfort of knowing they are supporting a company that supports them and takes care of their health and welfare.

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One of the best things about Too Faced is that it offers such a wide variety of products that really is something for everyone. Even those who are not big on makeup can find something of interest on the website of Too Faced or one of its many places.

Too Faced divides its products into categories, making it easier for customers to find what they are looking for. These categories are divided into sub-categories, where products can be found. A list of categories and their subcategories can be found below.


  • -masks
  • Eye Shadow Palettes
  • Eye Shadow primers
  • -Brows
  • -Eyeliner
  • Eye Shadow Singles


  • -First
  • -Foundation
  • -Blush
  • -Concealer
  • -Bronzer
  • -Highlighter
  • -Contour
  • -Powder
  • -Face Palettes
  • Thus -born


  • -Lipsticks
  • -Melted lipstick
  • Plumpers -Lip
  • pencils -Lip
  • The -Lip [primers



  • – $ 20 and Under
  • – $ 30 and Under
  • – $ 50 and Under
  • -GIFTS for Chocoholic
  • -GIFTS for love
  • – DONATIONS for IT Girl
  • -GIFTS for All-Natural
  • -GIFTS for baby Backstage
  • : set
  • -Best [19459018sellers]

in addition to the product categories listed above, too Faced also has a list of products that are friendly for vegetarians and free from parabens.

vegan friendly products

  • 3 Way tool Lining Lash
  • absolutely flawless Corrector (honey, perfect naked and Vanilla)
  • Better sex Mascara
  • Limit anti-draft Lip Pencil
  • Born This Way Foundation (all)
  • Bronze-Buki Brush (teddy bear hair)
  • tan without pores
  • chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing (3 tones)
  • cacao contour Palette
  • cocoa Foundation powder (all)
  • Endless Summer 16 hours Long-Wear Bronzer
  • Flat Kabuki Mini Brush (teddy bear hair)
  • First hangover
  • Attitude instant brow bone pencil highlighted
  • Kabuki Brush (teddy bear hair)
  • the Crème lipstick color wet (all shades except Lollipop and Mean Girls)
  • Far injection lips
  • lip power injection gloss plumping lips
  • Insurance shiny lip
  • lip lip Insurance First
  • love Flush Blush (How deep is your love, your love is king )
  • molten liquid chocolate lipstick (all)
  • melted liquefied lipstick prolonged use (all)
  • melted liquid metal metallic lipstick (all)
  • Mr Right
  • Eyes perfect (perfect Black, Brown perfect, perfect purple, perfect storm, perfect peacock, Moss perfect, perfect espresso)
  • perfect lips lip liner (perfect Berry, perfect red, perfect Spice, naked perfect)
  • primed and pore First Pure
  • primed and pore Face Primer
  • primed, nonporous loose powder
  • primed and pore Pressed powder
  • Pro-essential teddy bear hair brush set
  • kindred spirits (two-tone)
  • Sweethearts Perfect Blush Blush (all)
  • Tinted Beauty Balm (all)

parabens Products

  • amazing face liquid foundation (all)
  • Beach Bunny
  • Better than false eyelashes Extreme!
  • better than love
  • Better Than Sex
  • Born This Way Foundation (all)
  • Boudoir Eyes
  • tan without pores
  • Brow Envy bulletproof
  • Cejas (two-tone)
  • proof Liner bullets eyes (all)
  • Candlelight Glow Highlighting Powder (Rosy Glow, Warm Glow)
  • cat eyes
  • chocolate bar
  • chocolate Bon Bons
  • chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing
  • cocoa contour
  • Foundation cocoa powder (all)
  • Dark Chocolate Soleil
  • Endless Summer Tan
  • Glitter Glue
  • First hangover
  • instant Attitude browlift
  • the Crème lipstick color wet (all)
  • the Crème lip Balm (all)
  • injection Lash Mascara
  • lip injection
  • injection Far lips
  • Insurance shiny lip
  • love Blush Blush (all)
  • love Closet Flush
  • melted (all)
  • melted chocolate (all)
  • melted metal (all)
  • milk chocolate Soleil Matte Bronzing
  • Natural eyes
  • Natural matte eye
  • perfect eyes Eyeliner (all)
  • perfect lips (all)
  • pink leopard blushing Bronzing
  • primed and pore face Primer
  • primed without loose powder pores
  • primed, nonporous, pressed
  • primed and face pure nonporous First
  • selfie Powder
  • bar semisweet chocolate
  • Shadow insurance
  • Shadow insurance candlelight
  • Shadow Insurance Champagne
  • Snow bunny
  • soul Mates
  • Sun bunny
  • Sweethearts Blush (Something About Berry, Peach Beach, Candy Glow)
  • the Little Black Book of bronzers

Shopping Too Faced

As mentioned above, products from Too Faced can be purchased on the website of Too Faced (TooFaced. com). However, for those who like to try the products before making a purchase, there are several outlets available for those who want to experience TOO FACED close and personal. To find these locations, customers can use the store locator on the website of Too Faced.

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