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Each year, hundreds of men and women injured by fitness related injuries. Injuries can be as minimal as pain and minor discomfort to the painful experience of joint or pull your muscles. Either way, what you really need is a solution that will support the muscles and joints so you can recover more quickly and return to support you love. The best way to achieve support and recovery time is faster with a compression sleeve.

Tommie Copper is company compression sleeve designing the sleeves of her ankles, wrists, knees and elbows. Unlike most standard sleeves, these are designed with the patented fabric copper famous brand Znergy that is infused with copper and zinc. If you are ready to take your fitness to the next level, then this opinion is the perfect place to start.

What is Tommie Copper?

Founded in 2010, Tommie Copper is a brand of fitness that aims to help people lead a happy and healthy life, providing the tools and resources they need to support a lifestyle fit. The company designs and manufactures fitness sleeves that support comfortable muscle and joint health, helping to heal faster.

The sleeves can be worn all day and are completely comfortable. When wearing the sleeves, it benefits from the recovery properties that are the result of the famous patented fabric Znergy copper company. The fabric itself is infused with elements such as copper and zinc, which not only eliminate odors, but also keep warm cuff muscles and joints and so heal faster. Best of all, when the case is brought, can improve your range of motion that the sleeve also reduces pain and discomfort you are experiencing.

recovery products against performance products

Tommie Copper has two main types of products: performance and recovery. Who chooses really just depends on your needs.

The recovery line of products is designed to give muscles and joints to achieve the relief you need from pain and discomfort. This product line also accelerates the healing time to do what you love to again. If you choose this line of products, the brand has some great recovery compression socks, gloves, tank tops, and bottoms. These items are intended for use in times of low to moderate physical activity for your muscles and joints can heal properly.

The performance line of products is made with an ergonomic design. This design leads to the contours and musculature of your body so that the outfit compliments the natural movements of the body. Thus, the full support of the dress as you continue to perform moderate to vigorous physical activity is obtained. You can use the line product performance as you play sports complete a job or do any other physical activity.

The benefits of copper and zinc infusion Clothing

The powerful impact of Tommie suit copper is through the fabric patented copper property Znergy company. This fabric is infused with elements such as copper and zinc to help speed recovery time and other benefits. These are the main advantages you can enjoy this technology because of

Persistent Pain Relief Pain and

One of the main advantages of copper technology Zynergy used by Tommie suit copper is that the tissue is designed to help relieve persistent aches and pain . Copper and zinc in the work of the fabric to heat the tissue, relieving the muscles and joints during the healing process. The compression quality of the sheath keeps the muscles and joints to protect adjusted more exhaustion and damage. Using sleeve all day, you will notice a significant reduction in pain and discomfort.

Reduction stiffness and swelling

stiffness and swelling are signs of minor muscle and joint damage. Compression technology and CopperZynergy sleeve solves this problem by increasing the levels of blood circulation of your body at these points. By improving blood circulation, inflammation begins to disappear and, in turn, will feel less stiff. Another plus side of reduced inflammation and rigidity is also improved mobility experience.

Removes bacteria and fungi growth

The growth of fungi and bacteria lead to odors and skin rashes. The copper-infused fabric eliminates the growth of fungi and bacteria, ensuring that your skin is well protected from the eruptions. Moreover, to prevent the development of such substances, the cover stays fresher and odor free.

Easy Care

The manga is also very low maintenance. To care for your dress, just throw in the washer and dryer below. No need to worry about losing the benefits of copper and zinc in the tissue because they are designed to remain intact, even during the washing process.

online ordering and return policy

To achieve this product, you can simply order online at the manufacturer’s website. The brand is offering 15% discount on any of your clothes when the promo code at checkout is used. Since prices of each product is different, the price will not appear on this page. However, in general, the mark is made cost compared to other options in the market. There are also many different styles of clothing for men and women.

Your purchase also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee from the date of purchase. The cashback not include shipping fee you paid. In any case, the mark is well reviewed and people in general, enjoy the different styles, comfort, and benefits of the product. As a result, it seems not going to have the need to return anything.


Tommie Copper is a wonderful brand for those looking to jump back into your exercise regimen, without having to worry about the muscle joint pain and discomfort. powerful technology of copper and zinc fabric to accelerate the healing process, circulation and comfort levels pretty quickly too.

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