Toddler Paralyzed After Being Given 37 Vaccine Injections

The question about vaccines cause autism is now all over the news worldwide. questionable ingredients of the vaccine can cause damage to many babies and children as shown in the recent news. The latest news is of a child who had been injected with 37 shots leaving the child paralyzed and a wheelchair for life just two years old.

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News on a two year old boy paralyzed and in a wheelchair after being injected with 37 vaccines causes stir in the news about vaccines. See article found in Natural News.

In just 17 months old, Otto Coleman’s life changed drastically and suddenly. After receiving an impressive number of vaccines – 37 to be exact -. That ended up being paralyzed by transverse myelitis, and spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair

His father, Joshua Coleman, said he took a near vaccinating your child look records and was surprised by what he found. “At seventeen months old, he had received thirty-seven vaccines, which is about three times the amount that I have in my entire adult life.”

said doctors initially gave him the runaround, despite the initial MRIs point to a vaccine injury as the most likely cause. Incidentally, this was later shown to be the cause of Johns Hopkins. Says doctors do not seem too interested in research to determine what made his son go from being a normal child who was walking and running to someone who is confined to a wheelchair for the rest of their life. It is said that no one spoke of the Vaccine Injury Court, and was taken by surprise by the expenses that were involved in the care of his paraplegic son. That’s why he fought SB277.

Coleman notes that while autism legitimately garners much attention as part of the vaccine injury, is not the only type of injury vaccine people need to worry. This does a great disservice to those who have injuries vaccine not autism, especially when a large segment of society, such still believe erroneously that the relationship between vaccines and autism has not been proven, and therefore not it is nothing to worry about when it comes to vaccines.

It is said that when people ask why your child is in a wheelchair, who hesitates to say that it is due to an injury in the vaccine, and most people respond who have never heard talk about the vaccine injury. It is believed that this especially worrying given the fact that many times people who say this are parents themselves, meaning they are vaccinating their children without being aware of the risks.

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