Tiger Nuts Superfood Health Benefits & Side Effects

groundnuts are small tubers that supposedly made up 80% of the diets of our ancestors Palaeolithic ‘2 million years ago. Is it really a “super old food” or just another fad of health? Here is our groundnuts opinion.

What are the tiger nuts?

groundnuts , contrary to what one might expect from the brand, are not nuts at all. Instead, they are small root vegetables.

The vegetables have been recently making a comeback after 2 million years. The growth of the paleo diet has led to tremendous growth in the industries of nuts and grains. Tiger nut retailers often claim that our ancestors ate groundnuts 2 million years ago.

Organic Gemini, for example in fact says that tiger nuts “composed of 80% of the paleo diet our ancestors’ about 2 million years ago”, citing a study University of Oxford.

If you have not heard of groundnut, then it is certainly not alone. However, some people know these tubers by another name, such as groundnut, nookon, sedge nutsedge, Cyperus rotundus, yellow nutsedge, tiger sedge walnut, almond or land.

the official taxonomic name of groundnut is yellow nutsedge. it is a type of crop sedge that is widespread in much of the world.

tiger nuts are native to most of the Western hemisphere, but can also be found all over southern Europe, Africa, Madagascar, the Middle East and India. Many other countries and climates around the world have been able to naturalize sedge success, including Ukraine, China, Hawaii, Southeast Asia, New Guinea, Java, New South Wales, and several oceanic islands around the world.

Why only hear about tiger nuts now? Well, until recently, Spain was the only country that really consumes their groundnuts (a drink called Horchata is very popular throughout Spain). In most other countries, nutsedge and yellow nutsedge Sedge are considered weeds.

Health Benefits of groundnuts

groundnuts are highly appreciated as a valuable source of resistant starch, which is a fiber prebiotic that resists digestion and becomes fuel for bacteria probiotics within the body. Just one ounce of nutsedge has 40% of the recommended daily intake of fiber.

Some of the biggest fans of nutsedge claim that they are an old super unlike any other snack product of health in the market. Some of the other benefits of groundnut include:

  • without nuts (are tubers, nuts not, and are probably safe if you have allergies to nuts)
  • 100 % gluten-free, 100% organic, 100% allergen-free, 100% dairy free
  • High in fiber
  • Low in calories and fat
  • Paleo -amigable

not all manufacturers selling tiger nut nuts that are certified organic. Organic Gemini, which is number one in retail America groundnuts, groundnuts sells certified organic by the USDA.

How to Buy groundnuts

tiger nuts are available from a small number of manufacturers around the world. Organic Gemini appears to be the largest supplier groundnut industry. That company sells all of the following products, including certified organic chufa:

– raw nut milk ($ 6 for a bag of Oz 5) :. raw, organic tiger nuts, sundried that come with a sweet taste and a little nutty

– sliced ​​nutsedge raw ($ 9 for a bag of 6 oz): These are the same raw, organic groundnuts, sundried, but come into thin sheets that are easier to chew. Organic Gemini recommends using them on top of salads, yoghurts, breakfast cereals, or baked goods.

– Snack Pack nutsedge ($ 19 for a pack of 3) :. This package contains three peeled, cut, and whole tiger nuts, which helps save 15% off the purchase of nuts to normal


– tigernut raw granola ($ 9 for 1 package ): the tiger nut granola dehydrate instead of baking to preserve starch, vitamins and nutrients within groundnuts. Other ingredients in granola include apples, maple syrup, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, raisins, cinnamon and nutmeg.

– groundnut meal ($ 14 for a bag of Oz 16): The tiger nut flour is ground into a fine powder that can be used in baking recipes or as a booster smoothie. It promises to be savory and sweet while providing a free alternative without nuts gluten flour. It also increases during cooking.

– Peeled raw nut milk ($ 7 for a bag of Oz 5) :. organic raw groundnuts, where the outer skin has been removed to make softer and easier to chew tuber

– Oil nutsedge ($ 21 for a bottle of 250 ml): tiger nut oil used cold pressing for extracting oil from groundnuts. The resulting oil has a melting point higher than olive oil smoke, along with high levels of vitamin E and oleic acid. It also comes with more than 10 grams of polyunsaturated fatty acids per serving and has greater oxidative stability of conventional cooking oils.

Organic Gemini states that all raw groundnuts are made in small batches in Brooklyn craft. They also claim that it is the only company that makes chemical treatments peeled and groundnuts.

That company is major retail chain World groundnut, although other companies have recently begun offering their own products. However, Organic Gemini is the most important online retailer groundnuts. It is important to note that lists Gemini Organic nuts like groundnuts, which is their way of brand nutsedge. Chufas themselves are not a brand name item.

How to eat groundnuts

nutsedge products mentioned above can be eaten straight from the bag. Or, you can soak them in water to soften and improve its taste.

Some people also nutsedge user to create something called Horchata, a sweet drink, similar to the popular milk in Spain.

Should You Add groundnuts to your diet?

Ultimately, tiger nuts are a rapidly emerging product that could be one of the next big health hobbies. They are rich in fiber and can be used to create oils or as an additive fiber cereals and baked goods.

are also free of any nuts: are tubers / root vegetables and are not considered nuts – despite the name

groundnuts have not quite has us. given enough evidence to prove that they are a “super ancient food” as intended Organic Gemini, but they are definitely tubers rich in fiber that can be used as a replacement for conventional flour and nuts in recipes and healthy snacks.

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