Throwback Thursday: Community Classics And New Favorites

Since 2010, the truth in aging has accumulated an extensive library of products. Some of these items have been in our store and on our shelves for years, so our classic “setbacks”. Others are more recent appearance in our store just recently. In honor Thursday around we wanted to draw attention to all the tried and true products that have been with us for a while, and mention all the recent anti-managers who are gaining attention. We asked our community to tell us your #TBT TIA favorite items, along with their must-have new findings.

Sara, 50 years old

PICKS #TBT These 4 products hope never to be without: Skinfinite Platinum PM Cream 1% retinol ($ 79 in store) – finally, a retinol which is not terribly irritating, Medik8 Firewall ($ 145 in store) – best I’ve found to firm the skin and E’Shee Elixir of life KI serum ($ 189 in the store) and cellular Repair serum E’shee ($ 179 in store) – that fight inflammation and make my skin glow “

Gloria, 50 degrees

PICKUP #TBT: ” .. Medik8 Firewall is really one of my favorites of all time One of the best firming serums “

nEW FAVE: My new discovery is Dr. Dennis gross Alpha Beta Peel Original pads ($ 88 in store). My skin is much brighter. “

Dennis, early 40

PICKUP #TBT: TIA me introduced to curb sera cells, such as ReLuma Skin Anti-Aging serum ($ 145 in the store), that the hand of God, healed a sty that was under my right eye during years! Actually, the TIA taught me to look past hype and marketing and seek assets that actually work. Thank you! “

Jessica, 50 years later

#TBT PICKS: Truth vitality Renew Lux ($ 279 in store) – use the red-2x / day LED, a minimum of 10 minutes, usually 15 minutes Sevani advanced Complexion corrector ($ 39 in store) – one of my first purchases and still in my reg yo man. I tried it, loved and I have kept AQ Eye Serum ($ 99 in store) for night use with your best correct side ($ 150 in store). AQ Eye Serum alone has also increased my eyelash growth. [I also use] your best face preparation ($ 80 in store) 2-3 times a week. From the beginning, I received a large sample of Glam Pure Daily Conditioner Performance ($ 26.99 in the store) and which is still in my hair regime. “

new FAVES :. “Love firming Peptide Dr. Dennis Gross oil Triple C – a new time of day, plus vitamin C – here to stay for Love YBF night – Restore, Lift private Blend fog and toner Reserve pajamas, all steady after testing. skin Microderm Trophy MD ($ 299 in store) is a permanent part of my weekly regimen (2-3 times a week.) Another recent permanent addition: Dr. Dennis gross ferulic + retinol fortifying neck Emulsion ($ 75 in store) – retinol product favorites sunscreen, after a long search found .. Amarte Finish Natural BB Cream ($ 57 in the shop). Alternatively, I use Dr. Dennis Gross Sun Sheer Mineral spray ($ 42 in the shop). “

Tina, 50 degrees

#TBT pick. ” My product favorite retreat TIA is the moisturizer Medik8 Firewall also I love the Eye serum AQ BRAD Biophotonic essential Elixir Multi-PeptideYouth Regenerating serum ($ 95 at the store) and the Elixir of KI serum life E’shee therapy. “

NEW FAVE: “. Rejuvel 3D ($ 149 in the store) is my new favorite “

Michele, median 60

#TBT PICKS: I discovered many products TIA; several of which I have incorporated in my skin regimen [such as] La Vie Celeste Extra Rica Day and Night Restorative Face Cream ($ 75 in store). My skin tends to be thin and dries easily so hydration and anti-aging properties, are important to me. I feel the same way about AQ Serum Eye and Brad essential Biophotonic Elixir Multi-Peptide Youth Regenerating Serum, I can turn my regimen AM. “

New FAVES :. “Some of the new products are enjoying Dr. Dennis Triple C peptide firming crude oil ($ 62 in store) – I He loves how it makes my skin look -. and Dr. Dennis Gross Sun Sheer Mineral Spray, which is a non-greasy, fast absorbing sunscreen and long lasting’m happy with what I’m seeing BRAD Biophotonic creator Youth Sublime Radiance Concentrate ($ 125 at the store), me Pekar Yanshuang ($ 68 in store) and eye ​​skin owl + ($ 46 in the shop). “

Nina, 30 years in the mid

PICKUP #TBT :. ” Tried Skinfinite Platinum PM Cream 1% retinol retinol was my first – I have eczema, and the tendency to cause dryness retinol was very intimidating but it was like. non-irritating to the reviewers he promised and my skin looks great! “

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