This Women Put Garlic In Their Pillow, Here Is Why!

Garlic is one of the healthiest food that is not only rich in nutrients but also has many medicinal properties. Therefore, it is recommended to eat garlic every day, but because of its smell many people avoid it. But the smell can be eliminated in many ways and one of the best methods is to swallow small clove of garlic with yogurt or milk and parsley after eating.

garlic can help solve many health problems and is better in treating liver to better purify blood vessels and blood, is also good in treating cold and flu problems and respiratory diseases. It can be used externally to treat baldness.

On its healing properties even knew the old Egyptias and before the pyramids chewed garlic daily due to its antibiotic and healing properties were built.

The compound has more potent than garlic is alicin. Is more effective if crumple before use and allowed to stand for about 15 minutes before consumption. To neutralize the odor you can add the vegetable oil and parsley.

Why do some people put garlic under your pillow?

You’ve probably heard that some people put garlic under ther pillow before going to sleep. Improves sleep. Others, put the garlic in his pocket for good luck.

There are old believes and traditions, in which garlic was everywhere with people to protect themselves from evil spirits. Many people put garlic in your pots and pans to eliminate pests. If you have troungle sleep, try this popular trick -. Place garlic clove on your pillow or carry in your POCET to remove negative energy around you


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