This Woman Thought She Ate 2,300 Calories a Day… Her Photo Diary Revealed it Was 6,083

S NAP its slim shape with a great new diet aid -. Camera

US researchers have discovered that taking pictures of food before eating will help you change your habits. And it’s a much more successful way to keep track of what you eat than traditional weight loss aid, a food diary writing.

We braved Dieter series Corrina De’Ath, 43, from Glenfield, Leicester, to keep photographic evidence of what happened lips for a day.

it was a massive wake-up call for insurance consultant 14st.

The daily intake

6,083 CAL

(recommended 1940 )

fat 294g

(70 g recommended)

sat.fat 100g

( 20 g recommended)

salt 15g

(6 g recommended)

316g sugar

(90 g recommended)

thought I was eating about 2,300 calories a day, but found he was making fun three times recommended daily caloric intake.

Photographs also acted as a powerful reminder of binge eating snacks, researchers found.

Professor Lidia Zepeda and David Deal, the researchers who conducted the study, found that food diaries written often filled with hours after the meal and were not as powerful in creating an impression of the amount of food he had been consumed.

Professor Zepeda said: “Nutritionists see diaries as recording tools Now they must study the role of photo diaries as intervention tools.”.

Here Corrina faces graphic evidence of what you’ve eaten and Sun nutritionist Amanda Ursell add your comments.

07 am: Three rounds of toast with butter and jam Amanda says: “high in salt and fat, a terrible way to start the day – this dish will leave you feeling hungry in a few hours. “.

08 am: coffee with milk and sugar

8.30 lattes and sugar

09 am: coffee with milk and sugar. Amanda says:

10.30 “Empty calories here, sugar can watch even more than you could imagine.” sandwich breakfast with eggs, bacon, sausage and mushrooms. Amanda says: “What a fat catastrophe saturated Lots of calories and fat in this meal, but not surprised that I was still hungry after your breakfast!”

24:30 McDonalds Big Mac, fries, a milkshake strawberry, apple pie. Amanda says :. “The calories in this food are so easy to consume because the burger, fries and milkshake are” calorie-dense ‘

“This means that pack a lot of calories in a small amount of food. Because these tend to eat fast food, our stomachs do not register fullness and can still manage a pudding. ”

13:30: coffee with milk and sugar

14:30: coffee with milk and sugar. Mars bar

15:45 coffee with milk and sugar

16:30: coffee with milk and sugar. Amanda says. “In combination with the three cafes in the morning, more caffeine and sugar these drinks and chocolate bar they risk putting Corrina on the edge and stressed, as well as clocking up more calories “

18:00 :. Fish and dinner chip with mashed peas and two slices of white bread and butter Amanda says. “This is a very heavy meal to end a disastrous diet wise day As if the fish and chips fries are not bad enough, the bread and butter on the side is more saturated fat. I fear for your arteries and heart. ”

19:00 bag mint humbugs. Amanda says :. “A bag of 100g of these sweet send levels of blood sugar rises, even adding more stress on the pancreas

” This is the organ that produces the hormone sugar insulin decreases again. Damage to this can increase the risk of diabetes “

20:00:.. Two cans of beer and a bottle of cider Amanda says: “. This adds even more calories and is well above the recommended one to two units of alcohol a day for women limit “

21.00: Great . cup of hot chocolate made with whole milk, chocolate digestives four Amanda says: “More sugar! Having this just before bed will affect your sleep patterns as well. “

Having always been a” big girl “I knew I had to eat more calories than the average person -. Especially as I love food like chips and chocolate chip cookies

I lost weight in the past but I started to pile on the pounds when my daughters Tiffany, now 22, and Dominique, 16, grew up.

When they were little, I would be on the go all the time, taking them out in the stroller, placing them in the nursery, running here, there and everywhere.

also work in an office, which means sitting on my desk all day long working hours, late nights and scoffing food convenience – my weight soared in months
[ to see my daily food images left me stunned – How can anyone eat that much in one day
Now I know that the calorie content too, I’m mortified. I ate naughty snacks straight after the main meals and had many drinks fattening – I had not even realized the amount of sugar was only having my coffee
In terms. diets, I had tried every one in the world before -. of Weight Watchers, World Slimmers, Slimfast and Care Weight
I would like to stay in the system for a few weeks, lose half a stone or so and then give up. They all felt the same – I could not bear the thought of being on a “diet”
constantly telling myself I had to lose weight just made me want. to eat more and I would think about food all day and every day.
over time, deprivation must come to me and I’d throw home and fill my face with cookies and chips. Now I know what I need is a diet plan for life, not just for weight loss in the short term.
It is true that I have not faced my eating habits lately. I tend to eat out of boredom or when I feel depressed, which means they do not think about what I’m putting in my mouth.
My husband Clive and children love the food, but they are all super fit and healthy, I have never found an activity that I really liked. I would appear for boxing / spinning or a gym session and jump on the door in fear before class, had even begun.
My family have recently admitted to having been afraid to hurt my feelings by raising the issue of my diet. What surprised me most about this activity was the huge amount of food I ate -. Especially in terms of snacks and portion sizes
also did not really think about the fact that hardly eat any fruit and vegetables – which is worrying for my health . If he was not taking part in the exercise photo diary, I would have happily forgotten about sweets, biscuits and slices of toast with butter and jam.
With the photographic evidence I could not fool myself any longer
The photo diary is a test solid hard why I am overweight -. have eaten and drunk too much of the wrong foods, simple as that.
Now I know for myself, there is no escape from it, I am determined to change.

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