This Woman Slept with a Python Every Night, but Then the Vet Said Something that Shocked Her

This python, 4 meters long, suddenly stopped eating. The landlady tried to feed the snake, and refused, so he took the snake to the vet after several weeks.

Once the vet heard the story, he asked the woman: “Your dream snake with you in the same bed wraps around you, or is very close and lengthens your entire body?”

She surprised and much hope replied “yes, yes! This makes every day and that makes me very sad because I see you want something from me, and I can not help.”

The veterinarian with a tone of concern replied:

“Lady, your python is not sick, is preparing to eat. Every time being wrapped around and extends against your body is checking the size of her body.

is not not want to eat because they’re hungry, but leaves the room before the attack is able to swallow and digest enough for you space. “

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