This Woman Drank Combination Of Lemon Water and Honey Every Day for a Year. What Happened Will Amaze You!

You are probably familiar with this mixture because we use this ideal for the treatment of colds natural remedy. Honey is an antibacterial remedy that is very powerful and can help us strengthen our immune system and accelerate the healing process. On the other hand, lemon juice is rich in vitamin C and also strengthens the immune system and promote faster healing. When these two ingredients that can do much more than the elimination of common colds are combined.


A woman named Crystal Davis, have started to drink water with honey-lemon each day for a year and has achieved amazing results. He realized many improvements that year and shared them with us. This is what he found:

  • Increased energy -. has realized that she is full of energy and no longer need coffee to start the day
  • Increased alkalinity managed to increase alkalinity in your body. Lemons are responsible for that, because they can neutralize the acid in the body and reduce stomach acid, acidosis, upset stomach and other side effects associated with acid.
  • Improved oral health – lemons are effective for cleaning the mouth as well. They kicked our salivary glands into action and bacteria from the teeth are removed. Furthermore, honey aid in destroying bacteria and the end result is better breathing.
  • lymphatic system hydrated -. this combination will help you stay hydrated and get rid of the lymphatic system dehydrated can cause some serious health problems
  • A stronger immune system – The immune system is much stronger and not catch the flu, a cold or some stomach related problems. The other family problems was affected by some of these health problems
  • Weight loss – lemons are much more effective when it comes to weight loss because they help the liver to produce bile which helps in the breakdown of food consumed. Honey on the other hand, helps the stomach to produce mucus to remove toxins.
  • No ITU -. this combination is effective because it acts as a natural diuretic that eliminates ITU and stimulate digestion
  • glowing skin – Honey is effective as it increases collagen and lemons on the other side purifies the blood. This results in healthy and glowing skin

NOTE: Beware buying honey and lemons. They have to be organic. Just add 1 teaspoon of honey and ½ lemon juice in a cup of boiling water. Then add a little cold water to make it cool and drink.


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