This Woman Cured Her Stage 4 Cancer With Only One Ingredient

This woman cured of cancer Stage 4 With only one ingredient


(This woman cured her cancer Stage 4 with a single ingredient)

her name is Ann Cameron, a writer of books of 15 young. On Tuesday July 30, 2013 CT had check for threatening tumors in his lungs. The first Thursday of August 2013, she got the results: “. no evidence of cancer”

She hopes that carrots can cure the tumor and quickly, without radiation, chemotherapy, or other dietary changes. Everyone determined that the tumor should treat this cure, in light of the fact that the result appears quickly.

Your better half, went from malignant lung tumors in 2005, regardless of chemotherapy and this was his first experience of this insensitive disease. So she refused to follow the same path and refused chemotherapy.

“Chris beats malignant tumor” is an online journal for people who have discovered methods of options for treating the disease to share their experience, and Ann is one of them.

“In June 2012, he underwent surgery for malignant tumors of the colon, and after chemotherapy treatment was reduced. Constantly I felt better, however, after six months, examination control showed that the disease had spread to the lungs, and colon tumor, I entered the fourth stage, “- says Ann

She was very distressed after his specialist advised. she has only a few years without chemotherapy. At that time she began to watch everything he could find on the web about options tumor cure without chemotherapy and radiation. His better half had tried a few of these options however, do not help.

Although the scan came up with a letter saying that the juice of five pounds of carrots everyday drinking had lived with assorted tumor.

On November 17, who started drinking the juice in the suggested amount.

She squeezed 5 pounds of carrots for every day.

After two weeks there was no change.

Then, after eight weeks of drinking the squeezed carrot, tumor growth they had stopped.

Furthermore, after six months there was no confirmation of malignancy.

unequal to some supplements drinking carrot juice medium is not limited to traditional treatment. Carrot juice is good accomplished with synchronous chemotherapy and radiation. In any case, Ann not needed prescribed chemotherapy because of the reactions.

So she had no radiation, no chemotherapy, no different medications simply using carrot.

She hopes that an individual recently analyzed like her, still healthy, safe could put chemotherapy and check for five pounds of carrots every day will eventually develop the disease, and ideally be dispensed with total growth .

This cure also worked for other individuals against a wide variety of diseases.


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