This Weed Is One Of The Most Useful Medicine On The Planet

While most people try to eliminate this weed in your lawn, it is actually one of the most beneficial to the health of the Earth plants. It is banana appears in more than 200 varieties, all have the same medicinal properties. The most popular are Lance and broadleaf.


Bananas usually develops in poor, rocky, such as driveways soils, often along with the dandelion. It is also found in gravel pits and construction sites; This is just one way in nature finds a way to regenerate itself.

In the 1600s was introduced for the first time in North America.

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One of the uses of banana is known to relieve mosquito bites. The plant has powerful astringent properties, which draw toxins from the body. The method includes crushing banana first and then using it as a poultice directly on bee stings, insect bites, acne, splinters, shards of glass, or rashes. Then sell the area to ensure the poultice and leave for 4-12 hours.

Another way to use this amazing herb is to make a balm for emergency equipment, or an infusion of skin or general washing. It is very beneficial for the treatment of hemorrhoids.

Another benefit that comes with the banana is its healing effect on the digestive system, especially one that has been damaged by antibiotics, anti-inflammatory medications or pain, food allergies or celiac disease. It can be used both in the leaves and seeds to treat digestive problems. You can soak the leaves to make tea, add them to soups, or dry and use as a food seasoning. As for the seeds, you can be ground or soak. Soaking is especially beneficial for elderly or absorbable fiber mucilage which stimulates weight loss when consumed before meals.

Plantain infusion can do wonders for lung problems, coughs and colds, because it is a mild expectorant and high silica content.

However, the banana offers a wide range of healing properties, from menstrual issues, digestive disorders, almost all skin diseases and even arthritis. It can be used in a number of ways – in salads, frying or can be chewed to relieve thirst. In all cases, it provides health benefits long term.

Source: healthyfoodteam

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